August 1st, 2006


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here's a silly question:

for those of you with longer dreads:

does one side of your hair tend to migrate over your shoulder to the front more often than the other? i'm always finding dreads coming over my right shoulder and not my left after i've tossed them behind me.

also - those of you with longer dreads - any trouble negotiating sharing a bed with you, your hair, and another person, particularly one that thinks your hair is kind of scratchy?

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Mostly i only read posts in this community, but sometimes you just have to show the progress of  your hair. 
I bleached my hear (used to have red hair) but i think red looks better, maybe brown.... not sure..

Keep posting al of your wonderfull pics!!! xx

2 years

so my dreads turned 2 last week and i was waiting to post this timeline cuz i was going to take them out but then yesterday i started to really like them again and so the whole taking them out has been halted for at least awhile more.
they desperately need to be maintained but thankfully my mom is coming to visit this week and she is going to do it for me. so here is my 2 year dreadie timeline (caution a bit picture heavy)
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Hey, I'm new to the community so I figured I'd make a post to introduce myself.
I have been dreadheaded for a year now, I am lazy at maintaining them but I still love them to death. I'm planning on adding bleach and felt to them soon to add some funkyness and color.
Here are all of the pics I could find/take of them over the past year, there's quite a handful.

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She's lovely and blue.

Newb. Plus, a dread spray question.

Hey, GUDU. Well, I'm finally doing it. I thought I'd wait until my hair was longer to start knotting up, but I decided I couldn't wait anymore! I'm doing it myself so it's taking me a while. I've the front of my head done, slowly making my way back. I'm leaving a bit of hair loose in the front for bangs & such. Here's a sneak peek:

I'm considering making a spray to occasionally scent my hair while I'm trying to not wash it as often as I'm used to (every other day). The base will be vodka, with a few essential oils heavily diluted in it (peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and clove are my favorites - not sure which I'll use yet). Is this a bad idea or no?

Thank you, GUDU, for being an awesome community. ♥

I'll post again when I'm done...
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Lock Dee Doos

Two updates in one week, yeesh!
I forgot to tell about a dream I had a month ago. It was after an overnight flight to Europe which I got no sleep on, so I spent my first day in Paris in bed! It was the best sleep of my life tho, and the dreams were crazy.
So a crying Lindsay Lohan was driving me around in her convertible at night and we were flying off ramps and stuff and at one point we passed a big purple billboard that said something like "Love Those Locks! Get 'Em at GUDU!" or something more clever than that.

And as for dreadheads in France, there were quite a few. But they didn't smile and nod or say hi to me like one would here, the French were kind of like that. In Dijon I saw some of the most impressive heads ever. I'm sure I saw at least 10 of them. And my god, there are some damn pretty boys in Paris.
But enough of that.

^another "damn I look good in the morning" picture from 12 hours ago
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