August 2nd, 2006

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They're about 3 years, 3 weeks old... I missed a post on their actual birthday as I was living on the road at the time... which brings me nicely onto my next subject;

From 22nd June til 19th July I was on tour across the UK and Republic of Ireland with the San Francisco band ArnoCorps and at pretty much every gig I saw plenty dreadheads, as well as on the ferry from Wales to Ireland, and then from Ireland to Scotland. I was just wondering if any of them happened to be in this community? :-)
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first of all, you're all so beautiful I could cry. You also all have awesome dreads, sorry if I don't say that enough. Now that I've sweetened you up could someone help me out with some questions about henna? I had a good look in the memories but didn't see anything. I have put henna in my hair before but it wasn't dreaded and so the process was a lot less complicated, however I have known lots of dreaded heads who have henna-ed so I thought I'd give it a go. Took ages (I left it in for around 4 hours) and was a mission to try and rinse out. The problem is it still feels like there's a bit left in my dreads, they're quite thin and so not prone to holding goop inside but they've taken a hell of a lot longer to dry and they feel quite stiff. I rinsed and washed them thoroughly last night and again this morning. Should I give them another wash this evening or just let them be? The henna will technically dry and just crumble out I suppose but I don't want to leave it in there if it's going to go manky.

Also, so it isn't just boring text;

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i know it takes time for dreads to get nice and tight and knotty but i'm just so impatient. i've had mine for a month and i love them but they don't really look dready. they feel dready and prickly but it just looks like hair, not dreadlocks. the tops of my dreads are pretty dready but halfway down the lock it's not knotted at all, it's just regular hair. i'm backcombing and telling myself to be patient, but i am not a patient person lol.

thanks for listening.
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So I made my decision and cut of almost all my dreads.
first i wanted to dye them but is was really to expensive
and it was too hot.
i almost couln't take it here in holland but when im going to
italy it would be even worst!

so i only have a shitty photo but here it is.

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also my boyfriend [right side of me]
cut his dreads [i'm the blond short haired with pink/black socks].

i post some better pictures later.

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Knot Your Average Girl upcoming tour dates:

- SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 26-27
The weekend right before burning man, cats n' kittens. Get your locks in order before the madness begins!

- PORTLAND, OR, September 1-5
I'll be hitting chunks of the pacific northwest on this trip, hoping to stop in Seattle (lishd, i'm holding you to our photodate), Olympia, and Vancouver as well. If you're in any of these area and need work, let me know & I'm certain we can figure something out.

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Interested parties should contact me at:
blondiedread @ gmail

i'll give you a low down on my rates,
examples of my work & even, if you'd
like, previous clients for you to contact
(almost all of which are from GUDU!)

Cheers, folks! I hope to meet as many of you as possible!

check it out

I don't know if everyone remembers this recent post...

but in the 5 years that I've been a member of gudu (I'm a lurker), I haven't seen a better crafted thing to wear on your head than these. So i got ludie to make me one. It so 1000 times more awesome than I could have hoped.

Here are some photos. Maybe you guys will see how awesome they are and get her to make you one. They are perfect for keeping hair out of your face and away from your head so it dosen't get too hot.

Viewer beware : I don't have dreads. I have in the past, but mostly now I like to look at all of your beautiful locks.

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new pic

a particular question regarding bleach & black hair

A question about dyeing dreads. I've had my hair dyed black for many years. My dreads are over 3 years old, and they haven't been dyed again since October of last year. I was thinking of dying them blonde. Will this look too odd or stupid? I don't want to damage my healthy, naturally soft hair by leaving in bleach for too long. (On a side note, I've bleached my hair many times when I was younger, so I'm no stranger to the process.) Black hair dye is pretty damn permanant, and bleach damages hair.

If nothing else I wanted to know anyone who had seen, or experienced what I'm considering doing. Will it look totally lame with long black on the ends (they reach 1/2 way down my back) and just the first 4-5 inches blonde? I know the middle of the dreads won't be bleached.

Any info is appreciated :D