August 3rd, 2006


dread stories

thanks everyone for your comments to my post :)

i'm so impatient! yarrr! could you all post in a comment here your experiences with being frustrated with new dreads? also, how long does it usually take for them to start looking like dreadlocks? mine just look like i haven't brushed my hair in a month, but i know that they're there because i can feel them when i touch my head. (i will post pictures soon, honest.)


I was just wondering, for anyone who has had a pet bring fleas into their house and got their dreads infested... how do you actually KNOW they are infested?
Every time I get an itch I get extremely paranoid. I don't know if there are still fleas in our house or not, but I think there probably are because I saw one a few days ago, and my mother doesn't seem to give a shit. She won't clear out her room and spray it with flea spray. I keep getting her to look at my scalp and she hasn't seen any. But do they actually stay on the scalp? Or do they get right into the middle of the dreads or what? I'm really scared that I'm going to have to comb out my dreads, because it doesn't look like the house will be getting treated any time soon due to my mother's indifference to the situation.......

Also, did you actually have to get rid of your dreads? I've looked in the memories and I've been using tea tree oil, tea tree shampoo, and eating a lot of garlic. But I don't know if it's helping.

Im Ba-ack!

Its been a few years I think since I last frequented this community! I love all your beautiful natty awesomeness and its great to be back! I used to have looooong dreadie extentions. Anyway, today my beautiful ex matt dreaded my hair up for real. :) My mum says Ive ruined my hair n made myself look ugly. :/ Well I think they are purdy locks.

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