August 4th, 2006

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My hair has been dreaded for a month now, and for the most part it's going well. My dreads have sort of worked themselves out to be pretty thin and loopy, I know this is normal (the loopiness, anyway). I just wonder if the dreads might thicken over time, which I hope.  Have any of you had fairly-very thin dreadlocks in the beginning that get larger with time? Just curious.

And so not just text-only, here's a picture of a frog bead.

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so after showing soulhaus my fixed babies and her getting excited, I might share with everyone else. :)

I'm not using wax or annnnything else.

And to put all rubberband fears aside from the last entry, I took them out!

I palm roll them for a few minutes when I'm in the shower, but I've only washed them once since they were only born about a week or two ago. I just wanted to see if they'd tighten up at all when washed. I was careful though, I promise!

I think we will be finishing the rest of my hair very very soon..ish...

The following pictures are pretty much the same few dreads, I took a picture of all the different ones.

now it's your turn to comment after you see how much better they look after I untwisted what my room mate did and sat in front of the mirror for a few hours backcombing... ;)

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