August 5th, 2006


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so there were all these grown ups walking around tonight with these crowns on and because im addicted to crowns i investigated and got one. some of my dreads are 5 months old now though most are about 3 and I dyed two of them fuschia. Collapse )
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Problems 'locking soft, fine, curly hair...

I have a bit of a problem that Iwas hoping you lovely people could help me with. :) I'm in the process of 'locking my boyfriend's hair for him. I had dreadlocks myself, but in a fit of regret I brushed them out after only a few days. My hair locked pretty easily - it's very long (to the top of my bum), and locked well after my first attempt at backcombing it - so trying to do my boyfriend's is puzzling me, somewhat.

It just will not clump together! I sectioned off his hair yesterday, and tried to backcomb them with the aid of some salt-water in a spray bottle, but even after 10-15 minutes of backcombing one strand, it's still so un-tangled that I can just slide the brush right through it. His hair is about shoulder-length on him, so I don't think that's the problem. The problem is that his hair is so thin and soft, I think. We've been trying to get it to dry out, and we have some hair dye that we thought might aid the 'drying' process, so to speak. Can anyone think of anything else that might help?

Has anyone else had this problem when trying to backcomb and form new baby dreads? Can anyone recommend another technique that might work better in this situation? :) Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

/Erica and Rikard xXx
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Painted some wool with fluorescent paint en wrapped it around my dread. Has anyone ever seen this before? I haven't. But that's also what i thought when i did a normal wrap a few years ago. Then i went to a festival and came to the conclusion that almost all dread heads had at least one wrap in their dreads....

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life is ___.

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i've had my dreads since february 17, 2006. so they're about 5.5 months old. they pretty much suck, but i'm sucky at keeping up on stuff.

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and i really wanna bleach them now, but my boyfriend's afraid it's going to turn out crappy.
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Moving to Oklahoma City-well...Edmond.
Willing to work on anyone's dreads or do anyone's dreads in the nearby area. (for free) I know most I probably won't get a reply. I'm just leaving an option open.


I'm in serious need of a nice thick knit headband, or A PATTERN to make one myself. I only know how to make scarves. I've seen a few patterns online but they kind of suck since I can't really read knitting lingo. P1 k2 pi3 kdja83 a;sdkjfa;lsdjf. I've seen them for sale for $10 plus but I honestly have no money. I've had quite a bit of legal troubles lately.
I'm willing to trade. I sew clothes, make hemp jewelry, button necklaces, make cute clay pins, necklace charms...etc.

This is probably a stupid question.

I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. I looked in the memories and didn't see anything (I may just be blind).

Does it matter if individual dreadlocks are the same size? I'm in my third week, and my dreadlocks are multiple sizes. Does it end up looking alright when they're finished? Or do they end up all just looking fucked up?

I can elaborate further if needed.
She's lovely and blue.

All the little babies go ah-ah-I want to!

Alright, I posted a few days ago & said I'd post when I was done! So...


I started backcombing on July 29, late at night. The next day I pretty much either ripped in half the ones I'd already done, or brushed them out and made 'em multiply.

I continued backcombing a little at a time everyday until I finally finished on August 3rd.

I washed my hair every other day while still backcombing because the hair that wasn't backcombed yet was getting too oily. Now that I'm done backcombing I'm going to try washing less, but continue with the salt water spray (which is AMAZING - I added peppermint EO to mine).

The sections in the back/bottom have mostly come undone. Since they're really short, though, I've decided to just leave them alone & do what they will. If they've not knotted up on their own by the time they grow out, I'll just backcomb them later if I feel it's necessary.

Today was a family gathering of sorts, my nephew's birthday party. Contrary to what I thought would happen - I received no negative comments! But I did receive a few compliments. Pretty cool.

I'm really going to have to get used to palm-rolling and such. It feels so awkward.

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