August 6th, 2006

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Hey you all :)

I'm starting dreads in my friends hair soon, she finally dared to do it. First i made two dreads to make her experience the feeling and because she wanted to see how they came out with combing. She took them out after a week or so and I explained dreads cán be combed out but as they mature it will be harder and harder to do so.

So, actually i'm asking this question for her:
Can you who combed out dreads at different stages like months, years, post pictures in the comments with the way your hair looked after combing out? And maybe even after treating it a few times with conditioners and such if you have those pics?

Thanks in advance! Will post the pics when I finished her hair!
dreads, me

So yeah hey

WEll, ehy there nappy heads!

I'm a new one here, named Coos. a 17 years old gail from Holland.

I'm glad you all have teh same passion as me, dreads :D. I have mine for like... 9 months now, but it took me 8 years to convince everybody that it would be right to get them (Yes, I was very young when the dreads called my name to serve them...)

so below some pics of my happy nappy locks :D

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Ok. I just dreaded my hair. It's a pity, but none of the stores about town sell beeswax or anything geared towards dreadlocks, so I formed mine by back combing and nothing else.
What I would really love to know is...

+ Aside from Time, what is the best way to tighten dreads so they're not these boofy bits of hair sticking out of my hair? I've been washing my hair in soap (chocolate scented :D) and salt water + shampooing. No conditioner. I would really like them to look like actual dreads sooner rather then later, because I'm not quite a huge fan of the raccoon-who-stuck-her-paw-in-the-electrical-socket look. Although I must admit, having hair that looks like one giant mat means that the chances of me getting raped are dramtically reduced. Anyways...

+ Any idea to counter the fact my hair is more or less literally standing on end? :P

I probably should have waited till my hair was longer, rather then shoulder length... but anyways. Suggestions? Help? Abusing me for doing it all incorrectly? Whatever.


i went to a party today with a bunch of old friends and one of them hated my dreads so much he found a container of honey and poured it on them
i was soooo pissed off i hit him with my purse