August 14th, 2006

It's been a month...

It's been a month since I last brushed my hair. Some days after deciding that I'm going to try to 'get' natural dreads, I posted ( on gudu and I'm still thankful for the really nice replies. Since I couldn't get much information about natural dreading when I was deciding whether I want to do it or not, I thought that posting here every months with some recent photos would be a good idea.

First of all, the pictures might help other people who are thinking about dreading their hair naturally. Second, if I manage to post every month for a year or a year and a half, you can show it as a proof the next time you want to convince someone that all hair will dread eventually if you stop brushing it.

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hello friends

in september i will be traveling from my home in ohio to the west coast. i will be driving in my first true love. i cannot describe how excited i am to you in words, let alone in writing. i write to you now to find new friends and i ask for your sugguestions of where to see, visit, drive through, experience, meet, etc. again, all of my other road trips have been under 8 hours more or less. so going thousands of miles makes my heart beat faster. i would love to meet as many amazing people of you that there are to meet, and have your input into my trip. thank you so much.

and of course, heres me.

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thank you sooooooo much, friends. see you soon!
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I have butterflies in my tummy

Hello everyone..
I posted awhile back and it was placed in the beautiful post section of the memories, which makes me still happy and appreciative. So now my wedding has pasted and I am about to start my dreads.
I was going to start them sooner but my husband still played the bitchy card and I wasn’t going to have dreads bring up a wall against put my own dread process on the backburner.

Last week he mentioned that after we sell my powerbook that I should use the money and get a dread perm; that comment took me off guard because I had never thought he would say something like that, I had almost given up on his “approval”. I asked him why would I spend that much money for a perm when I can do it myself and he said that the perm would make them look good at the start. I told him that I wouldn’t get them because I didn’t want him to hate me if he hated them and he said that they would grow on him…so..I said ok and now I have been talking and raving about them…then I started to have nightmares about how I get a dread perm and then my hair breaks off and looks like crap…so this morning I started to think that I could not bring myself to spend that much money on them.

On Wednesday a friend of mine along with myself are going to start on them. I have short hair on top so we are going to leave the top of my hair alone for now until it grows out a little and I told him that we are going to do it this way and see how I like it for a few months…which is just a white lie because we are going to backcomb with rip and twist soooo hard and good that in a few months they wont be able to brush out….plus I have come to the idea that he can just shut-up and like them......I cannot wait and I just wanted to tell all of you that I will post pictures as soon as I can load them up. We are going to go to the park and have a nice day of dreading some hair…

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Quick question.

When you dreaded your hair, did you do it at the angle you wanted them to lay? Or did you hold the hair straight out from your head and do it that way? I don't know if you can visualize what I mean. But hopefully. Cuz I'm sitting here with it all sectioned and ready to go and this is all I need to know.

I was just curious as to whether this was the reason my last attempts failed. The angle I held them at while dreading, I mean.

Ok I probably sound completely stupid so I'm gonna go patiently await for someone to understand what I mean.

Hi new, and ive been wanting to get dreads for some time. Unfortunately, im only 14...almost 15. Has anyone had experience with dreads while still in middle school? Is it better to wait untill your older?


I don't know if this has been asked around here before... didn't see it in any recent entries... are any of you really sensitive to having your hair pulled? I had my girlfriend dread my hair up a few years ago, but the pain of her backcombing it was absolutely unbearable. Even sectioning it off hurt like hell. I couldn't sleep because whenever I lay my head down it felt like my hair was being pulled. I think part of it was that it wasn't sectioned off right, and stray hairs were caught in some of the sections. I ended up shaving them off a couple days later and having a Chelsea hawk. I opted for that since the front of my hair is a lot less sensitive than towards the back. My hair's all grown out now, and I treat it well... i.e. no more bleach, and I only color it with henna. It's a little less sensitive now, but not much.

I would really like to try again though. Any tips on how to dread a really sensitive person's hair would be much appreciated... as well any suggestions of vegan and paraffin-free alternatives to beeswax. Thank you!