August 16th, 2006

9 Months - Dread babies?

I checked the memories but couldn't find anything about... blow drying dreads?
A girlfriend of mine swears by it - says it makes her dreads tighter. She doesn't have many loose hairs so I was wondering if theres any correlation. Any responses? I've never tried it myself. I'm just letting them do their own thing. And of that note...
My dreads have reached their 9 month mark so I decided to capture the moment on film.
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Peace Out.
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silly, somewhat off topic question...

Oh wow, it's been a long summer so far and I haven't been on LJ in some time. But I am back and wondering if any of you gorgeous and loverly dreadheads are going to be out at Camp Bisco in NY next weekend (August 25/26). This may seem like an odd, out of place question, but it's quite the hippie dance jam fest and I know there will be a million and one dreadies out there (including my beautiful boy, who you all still need to see pictures of whenever I finally get some loaded on my computer). We are flying out to NY before hand and are still in somewhat of a pinch to find a ride out to the festie, so I figured I might as well try here. If anyone is in NY and has yet to hear of this great fun time, you should freaking check it out! Good lord, what an amazing line up (Lotus, Pnuma Trio!!, The New Deal!, Perpetual Groove, Future Rock- playing Aphex Twin music?, RJD2, The Roots- even though they don't seem to fit so much, Benevento-Russo Duo, John freaking Medeski & The Itch!!, Elemental Harmonics, Shpongle as well as Younger Brother which is Simon with Prometheus!!!!, just to name a few!!!)

Well, regardless of whether or not any of you are going, I hope your summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) is going fantastic and all of you are doing wonderfully in your neck of the woods. Much love to you all!

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Hey guys new to the comm. Dont have dreads but the boyfreind is looking to get them. Hes very serious about it. The only thing is he knows nothing about it. His plan is to put wax in it everyday and never take care of it. There has to be more about it. His ideal dreads arent the real thick ones. He said "crust" dreads. Please dont take this request in the wrong way. I would really like some advice please. Pictures, something.