August 17th, 2006

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Thank you to everyone who helped me with my last question. I'm too lazy to grab a link to the post. Roar.

I got a new camera today, so have some pictures.

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I hate how my scalp shows so much. But I have really really thin hair, and also they're only about three days old. So yes. And this time, I'm not combing them out! No matter what. BOO TO THAT!

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im a little upset because my hairs not staying in the way i would of hoped. ive had my 'dreads' [if you can even call them that] for about a month and there just not tightening up and holding like they should. i know there still young so i guess i should give it some time? any help?

i also havent been using much of anything on them.. given the fact that im broke. i put some beez wax in them tonight and im gonna sleep on them and see how it looks in the morning. i hope this works....

ill take some pictures tomorrow i guess
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a timeline :)

Hey there,

I've been a dreadie groupie for about a year now and have just recently decided to take the plunge and do them. At Bonnaroo (two months ago), my hair started dreading itself after no washing or brushing for about 5 days (plus lots of tangling wind from driving in the car for a long time). I didn't use any wax or anything. Just backcombed a lot and then left it alone and have been washing it once a week. I use that great peppermint cooling spray from knottyboy and they've been doing well although they're still pretty thin. The knots are hard and getting tighter. My only annoyance is the fact that every time I wake up, the underneath layers are all knotted together in one mass.

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greetings. i have just joined hoping to get information and inspiration (naturally!) on how to start/keep/maintain dreads. let me give you a quick overview before i bombard. i had dreads about two years ago and i hated them. first of all they were too short, they were too blonde, and the person who did them kept my part (which i didnt want) so needless to say i combed them out. seeing people with dreads fills me with such happiness. and pardon my bragging, but i have beautiful dreading hair. alright, so now some questions/concerns. i looked through some past entries and came across one that showed starting out the dreads were really long but got shorter and shorter. how does that happen? my hair is to the middle of my back and i want my dreads to stay that length or get longer. i hated having short hair. how do you prevent that? thats my real big concern/fear i have. i want to dye my hair a darker color and i believe i read in the memories not to use the conditioner after coloring, but how long should i wait if i need to wait at all? instead of wax could i use shea butter to start them off? i certainly woulnd't use a lot. just backcomb but rub in the shea butter. sorry for all the words and such, but i have one more. how many of you did your dreads yourself and how did you go about doing that? ok, i think i'll end here for now. i look forward to reading everyone's replies!

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Two years two days ago, these are all fairly new since my old computer isnt hooked to the internet. Thanks to everyone everyday posting here, i plan to carry these babies on my head for as long as i live :)
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