August 19th, 2006

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i have been hair-slaving it for 3 days.
staying at the girls house who's hair i've been working on, dreading until i sleep, and waking up early do dread her hair some more.
and its still not done.
she doesn't even have very long hair.
what the fuck.
i think i must not be going fast enough.
they're turning out really good, but, taking into consideration how long its taken me alreay, i've got a good 5 hours left.
i will not be able to move when this is done.
i'll have pictures on tuesday.
because then they will be finished.

and i know you all hate wax, but i made my own for these.
here's the recipe:
1/2 a pound of beeswax, and the same of almond oil, and then a few squirts of peppermint, lavendar, and tea tree oil.
melt it all down, and put it into a container that you can reach the bottom and all the sides of.
it turned out really nice.
and doubles as lip balm.

Dread makers

Anyone have any recomendatons for hair salons that do dreads and color out in chicago?

Do any of you know just people that do this? If so hit me up back here or at




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i seem to be failing at the neglect method (i didn't think that was possible.)

okay so i've read through all the memories which are all very helpful, but contain a lot of contradicting information and im still really not clear on some things.

so... about two and a half months ago, my friends sectioned my hair and backcombed the shit out of each section. the backcombing looked really good and was really really tangled. it looked better than most pictures i've seen of new backcombed dreads. anyway i was super careful with them for a couple weeks. i rebackcombed a couple dreads that were falling out. i palm rolled each dread like a million times every day. i washed my hair about once a week with dr. bronners mild soap, rinsed with apple cider vinegar, and afterwards sprayed my hair with saltwater. i was dealing with some serious patience issues, because i obviously wanted dreads right away, but i mean they were really starting to look good and dready after only a couple weeks, so i was happy with their progress.

anyway i guess as time went by i learned to be much more patient. i developed a different attitude towards dreads and decided they are something that i can watch develop over a long period of time, and let nature do the creating, and not interfere. i mean tons of people on this community have said things like "just dont brush your hair and let nature do its thing and you will have real rastafarian dreads." well i finally started listening to those people. so now it's been a couple months, and my hair is much less dreaded than it was then. i don't do anything to it, just wash it once a week with soap, and occasionally pull apart matted sections. the only part that's really seriously dreaded up is the back where i sleep on, and they're crazy looking dreads, all twisty with loops in them and sometimes attached in big sections. they're also more flat than round i suppose. all the dreads towards the front of my head are still mostly in their sections, but they're not at all knotted up anymore, they're just holding together with oils is my theory. i put them behind my ears a lot, and maybe showering once a week is leaving behind my ears oily. i've heard from a lot of people that if you start showering less, as long as you still do shower about once a week, your body won't produce as many oils as if you were to shower every day, but this could be totally wrong.

anyway, so i was wondering if anyone could simply clarify:
-if i really just keep going the way im going will my head be full of dreads eventually?
-what should i change in order to get dreads forming all over my head, and to make them less flat, and get the loops out?
-do i have to comb everything out and start over?

ps. theres no need to be a smartass or make fun of me in replies to this post. if you are thinking about doing that, then please just don't reply. once again i HAVE read all the memories, and this is why i'm so confused, because i have heard so many different sides of the story, i'd just like to get advice on my particular situation.

thank you!

*EDIT* i have really thick, really wavy, japanese hair.
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dread timeline

My dreads are officially one and a half years old today! Happy birthday, dreadies!

However, my dreadlock story is pretty complicated.

leyloh dreaded my hair when I was living in England on 19 February 2005. However, in November 2005, I started taking my dreads out (partially because I was graduating from college and partially because my stupid ex wanted me to take them out), though I never finished. On 27 June 2006, I officially put them back in completely, along with my best friend floatingscarlet (who is in a bunch of these pictures) at Bonnaroo. (Fuck The Man!)

I'm doing this in chronological order, beginning with before I had dreads - continuing into having them - then taking them out - then putting them back in.

Note : I am the redheaded girl in these pictures.

Warning : extremely picture heavy !

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My boyfriend spent a while putting in dreads for me, quite a while actually, but that's love.
Anyways, they are now about 5 days old, and some have loose ends. My hair is curly so I don't mind it that much. I figured, since I've been hovering over this community for a while I should post some pictures of my new dreads. I've wanted them since I was about 12 so it's due time. If anyone has any advice, it's more then welcome :)

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