August 20th, 2006

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It has been awhile since I posted! My dreads are doin awsome,well really just doin there thing. In about two or three days my dreads will be 7 months !! that is crazy. Time has gone really fast and my locks have "grown" and locked up a lot and my love for them grows too as time goes by. I just cant wait till they start to grow :D

Also I was just wondering if there were any dreadheads in the spokane, WA area? None of my buddies are locked up (a few are ex dreadheads) but I wouldn't mind meetin some people from the area who are dreaded or even interested in dreads, ya know its always good to meet some new like minded folk. :P

Here are some pix.
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me in the corner

i just discovered a new hairstyle...

It's pretty simple really, I did it completely by accident. I just grabbed the top half of my hair and started twisting it into a bun. I was looking for a rubberband to put around it but the only thing in sight was a crochet hook.

I stuck the hook into the middle of the bun downward, then twisted it back up and out diagonally. It's surprisingly tight. I hope that makes sense, I could try to explain better if anyone wants to know. And obviously, you could use something more stylish than a crochet hook, like a chopstick or something.