August 22nd, 2006

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Hey everyone, it's me again. I've been looking for beads lately, but my dreads are pretty fat (most are about an inch think or a little less) and I've been having a very hard time in this tiny little town. So....what I'm wondering is...does anyone know any sights to get cool beads? Or, better yet, does anyone make beads they want to sell me (rainbowaster?).....? I've made fimo beads in the past, but I'm looking for something different than that. I don't know, if anyone wants fimo beads maybe we could arrange a trade.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, I posted one last night, so I don't have anything new.

Anyways, cheers everyone,
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i am new here and thought i should introduce me and my lovely locks.
we go way back and have seen many colours and scissors along the way.
these dreads are my second ones, made in the spring of 2002.
my first dreads streched my patience only one year, from fall 2000 to summer of 2001.
all pics you are about to see are of my current locks,
made by 2 of my friends. it's all my own hair.

so my name is anna, and these are my dreads. nice to meet you.

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dreads by neglect

Hey, all. Sorry, no pictures in this post.
I wanted to ask a huge favor of everyone.
Some of you may remember, I chopped off my dreads in February, regretted it immensely, and now I'm just trying to let them do their thing as my hair grows out. There are already a bunch of knots, but I keep ripping and twisting sections occasionally, absent-mindedly. I think I just need some inspiration.
So, here's my request: could those of you who formed dreads by neglect post a picture or two, either in a comment or in a new post? It would be much appreciated. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of those who put them in by another method, then completely let them go. Please specify which method you used, though.

Thanks, hope you all are well. I don't come around here too much, anymore, but I miss it.
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Separating Mature Dreds + Photo Post

H e y   a l l !
I'm sorry about repeating a subject from the memories, I wasn't sure if the post was too old to get a reply in. In this post, rjstar said she ripped her dreds apart after having them in for a long time. I have had mine for over a year and a half and they are TIGHT.  I have two way-too-fat dreds that drive me nuts (yarrr) because they are very very stiff. It makes it hard to pull my hair back. I'm just looking for reinforcement - do you really think I can pull them apart? I'm guessing it just hurts a lot.
Do you think if I actually just cut them in half that there would be any hope for them? (prolly not).

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beads and loops

Ok. I is confused. is it beneficial or nonbeneficial to put a bead over a loop? does the bead somehow help the loop sink into the dread? or prevent it?

I've heard soo many diffarent thiiinnngs! garh!