August 24th, 2006


bangs on guys?

Do any guys here have undreaded bangs? I know a few of the girls do, but i don't think i've ever seen or heard of any guys having them.

So... anyone?

PS. Could you post pics if you do? Thanks.
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dear holland,

you seem to have an unfairly high number
of pretty dreadheads for such a small
country. because of this, i would like
to request a shipment of them, since
you seem to have so many to spare.

i promise i'll take good care of them,
feed them, and make sure they have
a nice time visiting the united states.

magic and gratitude,

spray can

bad pictures.. sorry

my hairs making me want to cry.... i suppose i should just leave them alone to tighten up by themselves. they were tight and now they're really loosening up. and the loose hairs are terrible. im seriously thinking about getting them done at a salon. but thats gonna be a lot of money, if i can even find a place that will do it... HELP!

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I know I've heard it a million times, 'Don't let someone dreaed your hair unless they know what they're doing' I was wondering if making synthetic dreads was any where close to making real dreads.

I have a wonderful friend who makes them all the time and does a wonderful job and I'd totally trust my hair in her hands.

I've really been missing my dreads and I want to go about doing it right this time. It was kinda evil being taunted with their awesome-ness for a week befre they hit rock bottom.

Thanks in advanced!!

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