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[26 Aug 2006|12:44am]
so the 25th was my dreads 1 year, and i celebrated by making a cake (yellow cake with creme de menthe frosting).........

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[26 Aug 2006|05:06pm]
I am strongly considering the idea of getting rid of my bangs, and incorporating them into the rest of my hair. Is there any way that I can weave them into my dreads, or would I have to start new dreads with the un-dreaded hair? this photo give an idea of the length.Collapse )
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Yeah, for not cutting them off..... [26 Aug 2006|07:21pm]
ok, so I went through a time where everyone was telling me to cut them off and re-do them, and I was so worried, but then a lady told me that it was about me being happy with my dreads and that it would take time (duh). So even though they look horribly nappy and falling apart....here they are....let me know what you all thing...how to help them develop and such....or if it really is a lost cause....regardless, I love them anyways....

Also, does any one have any recommnendations for washing?? Like what shampoo to use?? Right now, I'm using Bert's bee's shampoo bar....

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[26 Aug 2006|08:30pm]
[ mood | miserable ]

so tomorrow...is sunday kaaay?
and i was supposed to go to the ren faire with a friend and brent (krazednconfused)
get my dreads done
- friend...kinda stopped talking to me...(likes her bf and job more than what she called her "best friend")
- i need to save some more money cause i broke and need to move out
- my girl...
ok so she says
i look "dirty and disgusting with dreads"
i look "like shit"
now...i loved my dreads...
that made me feel so shitty...
shes the only one in this world i wanna look good for...
and like...
i dont know, i dont know why people think its ok to say that to someone....you know?>
its not ok
it makes them feel like shit...
it made me feel REALLY shitty...
so today since i haad to cancle anyway...
i told her i wasnt doing it...
i dont think i said never but...
it just...
im lost
i dont know what to do...
i want them...but.....she made me feel like such shit
and now i know, that when to love of my live looks at me she thinks...
wow her hair looks like shit, she looks disgusting
shes so dirty
blah blah blah
i really want them...
i want to be happy with my hair
and i KNOW that when brent will do them they will look alot better than when i did my own hair....dig?

i just dont know how to convey that to her....

it kinda broke my heart when she told me that....
so yea

any idea?
anything good i can say?

peace to all of you.

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[26 Aug 2006|10:34pm]
I gave myself "dreads" today. Actually, it was just like... really fast twist-and-rip. Basically, I just wanted to know if real dreads would look good on me.

What do you think?Collapse ) I know they don't actually look like them, but it's basically the same idea. I just don't know if i'd be able to pull them off.
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[26 Aug 2006|11:31pm]
Since I'm on my way to burning man, and the burgandy didn't work so well... I decided to start phase one of my bleaching.

Starting with the not-so-burgandy 1.8 year locks...

and awayyyy we goCollapse )
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Hiya! [26 Aug 2006|11:47pm]
im a newbie to this community and to the world of dreads.  exactly one week ago today my husband and i dreaded my hair.  i decided about a month ago that i wanted dreads, but i had to get it okayed at work and i also wanted to wait for my hair to get a bit longer.  ive spent the last few days looking through the memories section of this community.  it has been VERY helpful.  but i didn't want to be a lurker, so i thought id introduce myself: pixCollapse )

i do also have a few questions that i didn't see in the memories:
  • how long should i leave the rubber bands (at the tip) and twist ties (at the root) in my hair? 
  • ive noticed that several of my dreads are unevenly tight at the base - ex: the root of the dread will be pulled much tighter on the right side than on the left.  on a purely aesthetic level, it is making some of my dreads stick out at weird angles.  is there anything i can do to make the base tightness more even or is it just one of those things that will work itself out with time?
  • i knew going into this that i wanted thinner, rather than thicker, dreads.  however, i think my husband and i might have gone a little overboard.  in counting my dreads i have about 80!  my hair is very thick, and i like the size i have (look wise), but im wondering if it is going to be a maintenance nightmare to have 80 dreads?
  • i actually like washing my hair.  while my dreads are young, am i going to do any damage to them by washing my hair every 2-3 days?  (ive already washed them once using a nylon cap, but it felt like i lost a ton of knots/tightness when i did it.)
also, any general feedback or tips you would like to share are welcome.  thanks, and i look forward to meeting all of you.
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