August 27th, 2006


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I will be getting all the dreadie surprises sent out on Thursday of next week. I had to wait until I got paid to get some envelopes and postage. Sorry it's taking so long!!!

I only have 7 spoken for a few people that haven't responded yet, so just email me your address if you want one! Lish.. email your address too :P

Hope everyone is doing well!! xoxo
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Hay guys.

I just found out that backcombed dreads are actually FAKE. *stares at her own dreads, 3/4 of the length actually having formed naturally after the initial backcombing.*
Uhm. Lol.

Discuss? Confirm/deny?
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Over the summer I cut/brushed out all my dreads except 5. I haven't brushed the loose hair on a month or two. And I didn't think it would happen because of the nature of my hair,but sure enough, finally have a fine, soft mat forming at a root. Neato!

Random style question

Hi everyone...I'm a 28 yo black f from NY...I've had dreadlocks for two years as of today...Lately, I've been thinking of doing some experimentation with my dreads and trying out some more vintage/retro styles (from the 40s and 50s)...Thing is, I've never seen a vintage 'do pulled off with dreads...

I include a pic for some ideas...It was taken christmas day of last year...My hair just about grazes my shoulders now...But you get the gist...

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So anyone has any tips/ideas as to what I can do to have a more glam look? Would crimping or a bit of curls in my hair work? Thanks in advance to all who reply...