August 28th, 2006

I think I made a big mistake >.

So I've had my babies for about, 2 weeks now. Today was my first time washing them. They basically came apart- not completely but the ends. I only washed the scalp, using Dr. Bronners, but the rest of my dreads did get wet. I was completely devistated- and my boyfriend had to palm roll and back comb the ends for nearly 2 hours. Now, they are a lot softer and loose, no where near the texture and tightness they were before >.< I don't think I've ever been so disappointed about hair before, besides the time it melted off.
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Any Advice?

Wedding Dilema

My sis is getting married in 2 years and I have been kinda asked to not have my dreadlocks for the wedding and also not a shaved head either. Im trying to stand my ground, saying that I will keep my dreads and if they dont want me with dreads for the wedding I wont be in the bridal party. But thats not an option either. Mum sees my dreads as just hair, hair grows and I can always have them after the wedding again. I got told that Im being a child by not wanting to get rid of them for my sisters wedding in order for her to have a perfect day.

In wanting to keep them am I being selfish or childish and not being considerate for my sisters feelings and special day?

They dont see that I want to keep them as they are a part of me. I keep them neat and tidy.

What are others opinions?

Also has anyone got pics of hairstyles for formal events and weddings?
fairy tale

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I saw a few beautiful dreadheads at the American Folk Festival in Bangor, ME this weekend. Anyone here?

And: If anyone here is interested in helping to start a set of locks sometime in the spring (a ways away, I know, but I thought I'd ask) who is in the Orono/Bangor/Down East area, let me know! I can pay you. Or cook you supper. And provide a place and fab music and cookies. I've been lurking here for months on end and I pine a little more every time I see gorgeous posts like _dreadlocked's with photos and prettiness. 

Love! <3Erin

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Any dreadies that'd care to help someone who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to come out Philadelphia and find a play of employment and a cheap place to stay. Preferably vegan and it wouldn't be until like January. I'm posting in here because I would like a place to work that actually doesn't mind dreadlocks because my work right now may be firing me due to them.
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yes yes yes.

hey there.
its been about 4 years.
i was here then.
and im back now, starting a new set if all goes according to plan. im going the same way as i did the first set, it seemed to really work for me.

right now im letting them go natural for the most part. my hair just loves knotting. i can shampoo and condition all i want, but as long as i don't brush my hair starts to lock up in like two days.
and when they start to form and maybe get a little matted and stuck together, i start ripping. and rubbing. and loving.

ive got one thats a bit further along than the rest of my head.
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