August 30th, 2006


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Alright so at my frosh week there was a foam party and i don't know what kind of soap they used but my dreads flipped out! They started to scrunch up and get all bumpy and gross. They are a year old and i've washed them tons, swam with them and this had never anything like this happen! HELP!!! I AM SO PISSED OFF!!!
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w00t almost three months!

when i take out my hair from being in the ponytail:
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notice the purple band?! yeah, that's from this year's hempfest in seattle! saw so many wonderful dreadlocks there!! including a set of BEARD dreadlocks. took him seven years to grow! didn't bring my camera to the event though :(
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Possible crisis...well, not really....I just need some advice...and fast.....obviously my dreads are not the prettiest in the world and still have much growing to do....but I have a wedding for a friend this coming weekend, and I'm sort of her "maid of honor". Not a real bridal party, but close.....anyways, does anyone have ANY ideas about what to do with my dreads for the wedding??? Any ideas would help. Thanks alot guys.

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okay, big doubts...

So, yeah.. I have my dreads for almost ten months now. I like them. They're nice. But still I have some regrets.

I don't have any regrets on having them, cause I know it's ment for me to wear my hair like this. But because of that, I feel kinda guilty to mysel"f because I had them done the "perm" way... I feel like I should grow them the natural way... And tehy didn't really mature yet, so I still could comb them out, so I can start over teh natural way. Good or bad idea? Let me know :)


okay, IMPORTANT EDIT: I decided not to start brushing. Actually I stood in front of the mirror, with a comb in my hand, ready to brush. I wanted to start with my favourite one, so, if I really wanted to do it, I got that over with. And when I wanted to start brushing, I almost cried. I jsut couldn't do it. I guess you guys were right. It doesn't matter how you started it, but it's important how you'll continue to grow them. I decided to go furhter with the ones I have now. But just the natural way. Very natural. No more dying. Just lets tehm go their own way. And I feel reliefed. Very reliefed. Even in these ten months of having tehm, which ain't a long while, I've been going through some rough things, and these dreads, my dreads, went through them too. The first stories have bundeled, and I didn't wnat to loose those stories. So I"ll continue growing this ones... But still, thank you guys for the advise :D

Ready for a change.

First and foremost, I just want to say that this community has really inspired me. I don't even know where to start with this but I'm sure almost every one of you will understand me better than most of the people in my life now, which makes me want dreads even more. You all amaze me with your open-mindedness and perspectives on life. I look up to you guys. Really. Just lurking in this community and reading the memories (especially the ones about your reasons for getting dreads) have really given me hope. One thing that someone said that particularly jumped out at me (and by that I mean gave me goosebumps and made me re-read it several times) was the statement that having dreads is like wearing your heart on your head. For so long I have felt that my opinions were somewhat "different" than most of our society and I always saw that as a bad thing. I guess I just wasn't looking in the right places because I feel so at home here.
A little of my background: I live in a suburban neighborhood in CA. My town is strange because although there is a lot of diversity, there isn't very much tolerance for being "different". Luckily, it's within an hour of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz, which are all places where you see many dreadies. :] At my school there is a lot of segregation among all races. My home life consists of my parents being conservative and Christian, which I would have no problem with if I didn't see them as being hypocritical and superficial. I recently opened up to my parents about my views on life after being fed up with feeling so frustrated and imprisoned in my own house, in my own body, always trying to be someone they expected me to be. I was thinking about just getting the dreads without telling them but then I decided I didn't want this to be about being a rebellious teenager, I want it to be about a change in my life for the better.
At first, I think they were shocked about what I had to say. Towards the end of our talk, I handed them them a packet of information about deadlocks that I had been researching and the reasons I wanted to get them. To my surprise, after some more conversation, they agreed that I should do it if it will make me more at peace with myself. They are more worried about what my peers and relatives will say and think about them. I have to admit that I am a little also. I've already heard a few of my "friends" talk behind my back about me wanting to get them. My reasons for getting dreads has to do with my beliefs and my idealistic hopes that maybe I can open someone's mind just by being myself. I already get shit for being one of the only blonde, white girls at my school (that isn't just a cheerleader).
I want to just shake people and throw books at them and lecture them, but I know that won't accomplish anything. Another thing my mom is worried about is that having dreads will make me more secluded from people instead of more outgoing and informing. My goal is to be the kind of person that I see a lot of you are. I have decided that dreads are definitely for me and it will be a huge learning/growing experience/journey. I think it will teach me patience and help me have confidence in myself and my beliefs... even if no one else does.

I will post an after picture but now that you've taken the time to read that I'll post a before picture. It would have been a lot funner to have taken my senior pictures with the dreads already in... as you can tell Collapse )I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to put myself out there. I'm ready to embark. :] So, thank you.