August 31st, 2006


sorry, text only for today kids. I've dyed my hair with henna twice in the last couple of months, one dark brown and then a red on top. I love the red but I'd like it to be lighter. Trouble is as far as I'm aware you can't put normal dye or bleach on top of Henna very safely? Is there anyway of lightening a few of my dreads (just like 3 or 4)? I only want to go up a shade or two to an auburn colour.

Cheers in advance
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I just joined this community and thought I'd better introduce myself so here goes...

I am 19 (though only just, my birthday is August 20th and I haven't got used to saying I'm 19 yet) and I live in England. I didn't get my hair dreaded yet but I'm going to on the twentysomethingth of September - it's my birthday present from my lovely boyfriend Oz who's had his dreads for about 6 weeks now. Yes, we shall have his'n'hers hairstyles but you know it could be worse, once at a fairground we saw a couple who both had mullets :P

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Every time Oz shows up with frizzy dreads and hairs sticking out all over the place I think, "err, is this really what I want?" but then I read places like this and look at pictures of all your lovely dreads and get so excited!
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Hellooo Part II...

This community was shown to me by my lovely girlfriend, Alison (itcomesinpints who you've already met.

My hair is something that's forever been very important to me and I've always wanted something a little bit different. I went to a conservative all-boys school where I was constantly berated for having long hair (my main excuse is that it hid the ear piercing!) After messing around with highlights and a few disasterous colourings ("What do you mean it's gone pink?!") I fell in love with the idea of getting dreadlocks. Mine were done in a Bristol hairdresser's called Mack Daddy's by a very friendly guy called Brad. As Alison said, they're about 6 weeks old now and slowly but surely locking up.

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just over 4 months...

Long time no post! I thought seeing as I haven't posted in ages yet I'm still lurking around and reading every post, I'd post a few piccies of my babies which have been dyed in the past couple of days. Big big colour change, i like it, many other people don't but what does that matter? :)

Anyway, I'm not into the swing of html and cuts and resizing pics since i haven't posted in so long, so if i make a mistake, i apologise in advance!

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Sorry that was a bit of a long making up for the months I didn;t have my camera phone to take pictures.

^^Peace out dreadheads^^ :)