September 2nd, 2006

I hope this isn't ridiculous...

Okay, I've spent an hour reading through the memories and this is what I've come up with regarding dread extensions...

Usually the extension is dreaded& then added to hair, or fake hair is braided around real hair and then dreaded.

I would like some long dreads,and eventually completely real(?) dreads (not particularly into the look of synth extensions) without waiting for my particularly slow-growing hair (I don't really mind the wait, but I think my parents will be more accepting of some non-stubby, neater looking baby dreads and I'm trying to make life easier for myself.) Right now, my hair is a little past my shoulders, and a dark brown color especially friendly to extension matching. I was wondering if anyone here has  gotten human hair extensions sewn in via salon, and then back-combed their dreads in, extensions and all? Would that be too much stress on the extensions, or is it a feasible option? Feel free to berate any lack of common sense or failure to find a memory, as my aim is really not to annoy anyone. 

Thank you in advance for your help! :)

Also...just for fun and maybe a little for vanity, how do you think I'd look with dreads? My hair is kinda curly and a little nappy on its own.
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I really liked goacidic 's dreads , and I'm thinking I want to leave my bangs out the same way. Thank you for indulging me. :)
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New dreadhead :D

Finally finished after 17 hours (!) spread over 4 days (thank god for the free Levellers fanclub DVDs to keep my mum and I going). There's 77 in there (another '!'), all skinny ones, which is how I wanted them. Used a tiny bit of knotty boy wax here and there, which has actually helped on the more awkward ones quite a bit. Apart from that, it's all just lots of backcombing. Lots and lots and lots.

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All done by my mum. :D
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quick question i had really long hair with dreads about a year ago..
i brushed them out and havent had them since..
now my hair is short and i want my dreads back..
BUT,ive noticed that alot of ppl with short hair have dreads that stand out really far...
is there a way to avoid this??


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