September 4th, 2006

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Hellooo, friends.

So, I dreaded my hair once, a long time ago. I'm 20 now and I think I was about 14 or 15 when I did it. I backcombed them and they were a bit frizzy but I liked them. I put wax in one of them and flipped out at how gross it was. I don't think I really understood at the time what came along with taking care of dreadlocks or that (through looking in this community) that I probably should've ditched the wax altogether. I spend roughly 3 hours and a bottle of baby conditioner combing them out.

Okay, that really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I may as well give you a little background, right? Eh? The reason I'm posting is because I was having a conversation with my mom about redoing dreadlocks and she blurted that her first impression of people with dreadlocks is that they're not very smart. I was pretty taken aback by this comment (she actually dreaded my entire head the first time around and encouraged it when my dad said he'd shave my head while I slept). She said that she dreaded my hair because she knew I was smart, yadda yadda mom talk.

Okay! Now to the point!

I want everyone's input. Have you ever been critisized or discriminated against because of your dreads? Have you ever been refused a job or blatantly treated differently? I'm not so much worried about what other people will think about me when I redo dreadlocks because it's my head, but I didn't have them long enough to really live in them. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to hear stories! Anything!

(P.S. Here is a picture of my hair now. I don't know when I'm going to dread them, but it'll be soon and I'll post after pictures. :D )

(P.P.S. I feel so ridiculous posting this, but here is the only picture taken of the dreads during the short hour or two I had them. It's horrible quality - this is a picture taken OF a picture that was taken with a crappy digital camera and then printed with a bad printer. Don't hate.)

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i've had dreads for a month or so, and i love how they feel and how they smell so good, and how they keep my head warm, and how when i look to either side, they always frame whatever i'm seeing...

just today i was stopped on the street by a kid who wanted dreads, and we started them while sitting on the sidewalk.

i probably think about my dreads more than i think about anything else, and it's starting to get a little unhealthy... anyways, here are some pictures, because i like picture comments the best, and i'm sure you all do too...
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Scrapbook summer.

So, it's been a crazy summer.
I dated this guy for a while who was... crazy. Kind of an asshole. Really beautiful. Sort of a genius, a creative mastermind, and all the while a dependent egocentric prick. We're still very good friends, but a friend flew out and they fell in love so he took a bus and ran off to New York City because he's random and does things like that.
The point is, we both had dreads. Here's some imagery.

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heyy. i've been thinking about getting dreads (again) lately. more or less they've started on their own. i had some about two years ago but the bottom half of my hair was too short so it refused to stay but since my hair is so much longer now and i don't brush my hair they're starting to form on their own. it's exciting. i have about three on the underneath and two or three on the right side of my head. my hair has been getting piecier and piecier. i'm pretty sure i'm going to let them form but i want to keep the top blonde part as non-dreads. it'll be a fun process. here are some pictures of my piecey hair. you can't see the dreads too well because they're sort of hidden in my mess of hair.

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