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[10 Sep 2006|03:12am]
howdy gang!  its been a long time since ive been here, mostly due to the fact that i was trying to seperate myself from the computer, and because i didnt have dreads anymore.  some of you may remember me...

..but that was a couple years ago.  then i chopped off all mah hair and went though phases where my hair was cute and short and then it was a mohawk and then it would be funny looking and then it would be cute and then it would be a mohawk and then it would be cute and anyways, then point it is...im starting my dreads back and ive never been heppier!!!  id have pictures, but alas, i have no camera at this current point in time, but maybe ill get one. 

so i guess ill see all you beautiful dreadheads luego.
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Dread Maintenance Rocks! [10 Sep 2006|12:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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This week soulhaus was up here in the bay area and I had my first dread maintenance session with her and I'm so completely thrilled with the results that I have to shout it out from the rooftop! She worked some serious mojo with a needle and crochet hook.

My baby dreadies feel so tight and wooly and yummy! I feel almost like I have a new set of dreads only better because they're my same comfortable set o' babies. Kudos to Kimby!

Dreads are at 3 months/ 3 weeks, and as you can see, now quite purple. (Loved the previous hot pink, in theory, but it wasn't really me, being the dark freak that I am.)

Were any of you here at Power to the Peaceful fest in Golden Gate park yesterday? I saw so many beautiful heads of dreads there. I saw some very beautiful long nappy phatty dreads that looked like they'd been around for many a year and felt really inspired by the beauty. (But only managed to get photos of my kid, sorry folx.)

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New. [10 Sep 2006|01:27pm]
Almost 2 months.

Public toilet picture

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A bit drunk. As always.
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[10 Sep 2006|04:12pm]

hello beautiful people!! 
 Hope everybody is doing allright.. It's a long time since I posted some pictures, my dreads are now 6 months and I LOVE THEM!!

With Love, Hess

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[10 Sep 2006|04:21pm]
I know I posted recently, but I was a party yesterday, and someone there had a digitcal camera. There are only shots of the back of my head though, but at least you get a better idea of how my dreadies are coming along.

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*cringe* [10 Sep 2006|05:52pm]
so i work at a daycare and on friday we realised that a little girl in my classroom was infested with adult lice. now, i dont really wash my hair that much and have a nice little collection of dandruff on my scalp, so when they checked my head they said that it was nearly impossible to tell if i had lice or not....my head is itchy just thinking about it...i know that if i do end up getting lice that i can soak my hair in rubbing alcohol a few times and use some other mixtures to rid my head of the little bastards...but ive also heard that those are not a for sure way to get rid of them...and wont rubbing alcohol completely ruin my hair and scalp in the process of killing the lice?

the back of my head is pretty much one huge dreadlock/beavertail right now and ive started to separate it into about 4 or 5 fat dreadlocks...
for any of you who have gotten lice, is there a way to search out the nits amongst my dandruff or will i have to wait until(hypothetically) i get a full blown lice infestation?
any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
thank you.
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Comb... [10 Sep 2006|05:54pm]
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When me head was shaved [10 Sep 2006|07:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Remember how I shaved my dreads off for charity when I found out I had cancer? My good friend Keef Baker has put together a video of the occasion set to one of the tracks on the ep he wrote especially for the occasion. You can see it here: http://keefybabe.livejournal.com/248639.html



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#1 stupid dread question [10 Sep 2006|08:43pm]
dude. the other day at work (i work at a liquor store) i had a customer ask me if i was BORN with dreads. i was like "no... i just don't brush my hair" and he was like "no, really. you were born that way, right?". it took a lot of convincing to make him believe that dreads are not a genetic disfunction.

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [10 Sep 2006|11:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

anybody in the toronto area know anyplace where i can get some dread maintenance? i've got more loose hair than a mongoose.

on another note, i went to guelph university today to see my friend, who happened to help give me my dreads, and i saw quite a few dreadheads there.... awesome stuff i must say

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