September 13th, 2006


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browsing through the pixfest pool on flickr, i found a rather nice picture of the back of my head.

see? bottom right corner.

and to make this entry slightly less pointless, i wanted to let you all know i'll be leaving livejournal soon. i'm just tired of it. i'll miss this community the most, but i'll keep checking once in a while.

Ink Me!

I realize this isn't totally related, but you can sort of see my dreads....and this is my first tattoo and I'm really excited and I want to share it.

I'm sorry it's a bit unrelated, I hope you can indulge me.

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4 hours of work, 7 hours in the shop, finished around 10:45 pm last night.

A few process pictures are posted in my lj, if you're interested.

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im living in london right now and i found out you can smoke cigarettes in bars and clubs, now i went out last night and my dreads now reek of cigarette smoke, i washed them (with lavender dr. bonners ) and they still smell a little like a lavendery ash tray do i just need to let them air out and will the small dissapear?

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Has anyone ever backcombed their roots AFTER having started their dreads?

Here's my quandry (I love that word): My mom put dreads in my hair a week and a half ago and since it was a first for both of us, she didn't get them as tight as she probably should have. I've been twirling and palmrolling my hair and spritzing it twice a day with salt water that brought home from when we visited my parents in Rhode Island over Labor Day weekend. I've washed them only 3 times since I had them done and I'm using homemade soap that has no residues in it.

It just seems that the roots have unraveled a bit. The ends of my hair are knotted up and locking and I've been going without anything on my head except for when I work a couple days a week at a bakery and HAVE to have my hair covered.

So what I'm wondering is.......can I backcomb near the roots again even though I've already done it once and the bottom half of my locks have started dreading? Does that even make sense?

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Hi, I'm reena. My dreads are about 2 months old. My friend Montana did them for me, she's a member here too... Anyway. My hair is black, and I don't like it anymore. I know how to get rid of black dye, I've done it before. I was just wondering how safe it is to strip the color from my dreads? It's not the same as bleaching. I've done it before on normal hair, and my hair was fine, not damaged at all, so will this work the same for my dreads? I checked the memories but everything is about bleach and dye, not color remover.
And for your amusement, here's some awful pictures of me and my baby dreads
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thanks for any help!

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i had to write an essay for my english class about something that i'm very literate in, and how i use it to communicate. or something. the assignment was a bit fishy, but my teacher told me i could write about dreads (it was either that or music, and this is too much of a breeze-through course to take the easy way out). i was really nervous to have people read it and peer edit it at first because i've never given away this much information about my dreads at once. i mean, i tell people bits and pieces all the time, but never everything in one blow. i also included stereotypes that i have, and i didn't know how people would react to them...i'm getting more comfortable with it, though.
anyways, i turned it in as a "final-for-now," but my teacher is going to give them back so we can rewrite them and turn them in with our portfolio at the end of the semester. if you want to read it, that'd be really cool. i love constructive criticism--in fact, it would be awesome if you ripped this paper apart. but, that is more than most people are willing to do, more than i'd be willing to do, and more than i should ask of you. you don't even have to read it, truly. it's hella long anyways.
p.s. i had to include a lot of basic info on dreads that you guys already know because this community is awesome. if you don't agree with it, fine. if it's wrong, tell me.

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thanks, guys. i appreciate it.