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[24 Sep 2006|03:05pm]
so i think they are comming along
i got dread wax and they seam to be getting better now

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Caffinatrix [24 Sep 2006|05:25pm]
I just had a super caffinated smoothie, and got bored so I figured I'd post some pictures now that my superpoofness has calmed down a bit. I had my worries about them, but I'm so madly in love with my dreads at this point its a little insane.

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my roommate is cutting her hair with nail clippers...this is amusing. We are the crazy hair room, as her hair is flourescent orange and red.

Ok, babbling stopping.
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[24 Sep 2006|06:59pm]
[ mood | loved ]

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i'm so impatient [24 Sep 2006|08:19pm]
is there anybody in the vancouver washington USA! portland oregon area that would be willing to help me out with starting some dreads? nobody around here has a clue what they're doing and i really am too impatient to let them form natrually.
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:D [24 Sep 2006|08:59pm]
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[24 Sep 2006|09:54pm]
a little over 2 and a half years

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wow...its been a loooong time [24 Sep 2006|10:17pm]
Its been quite awhile since I've been here...myspace has its claws in me. Here are a few of the color changes I've been through. The last is the most recent.
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Dreadful poetry reading [24 Sep 2006|10:35pm]

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