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[25 Sep 2006|12:24am]
well hello all you awsome dread heads!! My lock turned 8 mo. a couple of days ago...they are doing amazing I think they are starting to grow which is great! I will post pic later I just was wondering if anyone was going to tonasket in northern WA its on the 13 and 14th of oct. I am sooo excited i cant even handle it! Barter fairs are amazing experiences...I was inspired to start my dreads from the last tonasket fair i went too. anywho was just wondering.
have a good monday all.

ok well i am just going to post a few older pix i found just now sorry its all so long.
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Head & Shoulders Shampoo [25 Sep 2006|09:43am]
hey can head and shoulders shampoo unravel your dreads. Im having problems with my dreads. I have been using sunlight soap which is just basic soap and have rinsed my hair with tea tree oil the last few times to help the itchies... its coming on spring/summer over here in australia.... but the itchies were too much so I bought some Head & Shoulders and now my dreads are unravelling both at the ends and at the roots i have loose hair galore....

So shoulders shampoo unravel your dreads?
and what can I do, they look very messy?
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A future Self [25 Sep 2006|09:42pm]

I've started on the dreads road about 2 years ago, mostly doing research. In November, I'll take the plunge and have Lish do my hair. This link http://nwzw.livejournal.com/9362.html contains a pic of how I'd like it to look when it's all done - but if I could get some comments to see if the drawn dreads actually look like, well, real ones, that would be most helpful. I'll be writing a zine about the process and actually am looking for people who would like to share stories about their lives with dreads :)

Peace be with you,

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i used to be i_kick_aoss [25 Sep 2006|11:06pm]
ayy. it's been awhile since i last posted...they'll be a year in december.
hah and i trieddd to gather up some pictures to show you guys how they're coming along (nicely!) but all i could get was a polaroid and a couple odd ones from dancin' around to the dead milkmen in front of my webcam..haha. it's amazing the things you end up doing while procrastinating school work.
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