October 1st, 2006

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Fiction > The Redemption of Thomas McMann

New fiction...

This one is not erotica (and no, I haven't forgotton those that have been following violet's tit, I'll post the other 3 chapters soon). This one is still kinda green, and I'd like some suggestions about it while it's in its' growing stage. Let me know what you think... Curiously enough, one of the heros of the story had big thick ol' dreads :) Linky Linky...


And for the record, I'm not a catholic, so if there are obvious errors there, please help...

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I've had my dreads in for 4 weeks, as of today. Is it too early to start adding in things like beads? My dreads are thinner than most. Just don't want to slow down the locking process by doing something stupid.

Also, can someone enlighten me on palm-rolling? Exactly how is this done and what are the benefits?


Too long ??

ahh my neck is hurting....i get well tense neck/shoulders anyway but i hope its not cos of my dreads cos they are getting wellll long...i have thought for a while i wonder if they are getting too long and heavy and weighing my head back a bit.

i think sometimes when will they get to the point when they are too long? will i ever need to trim them? i dont like the idea of choppin em cos i like em being long but dunno if its not doing my neck any good!

jus wondered if anyone else has ever thought their dreads were gettin long n heavy and straining their neck or whatever =)

i'll just get a massage soon and feel better i guess :)
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Beads for Sale or Trade

I bought these beads from a girl online, but they don't fit on my dreads. They're so pretty, I'm sad I can't use them. They're definitely for skinny dreads. I want to get rid of them as a lot. I'll accept the best offer, whether trade or money (preferred). You pay for shipping (to US or Canada). I hope I can find some good dread homes for these : )

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So, I washed my dreads for the first time today in the bath (they're 11 days old), it seemed to go okay but I can't really tell because at the moment they're wrapped in a microfibre towel on my head drying... still I couldn't feel them obviously falling to pieces which is good because I was really scared to wash them.

Here's a picture of them at 1 week, I am dressed as a pirate for a themed pub crawl (they're so useful for being a pirate!).
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Lovely Li Drawing

Tying up dreadlocks

Hey everyone, I'm a guy in need of some help.

I've had my dreads for about three months now and I'm really happy with the way they're coming along. However, it still gets a bit annoying when I get hot or when I don't want hair in my face. Fair enough, I've dealt with it when I had long and loose hair but now I feel like I want some alternatives. My dreads are about 8" so I can't tie them all back into a ponytail yet.

Has anyone ever found a good way to wear their short-ish dreads up?

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