October 3rd, 2006


nine months!


I've been slightly busy since the semester started (and by this I mean I have been frantically trying to keep up with all my work by not sleeping and in a constant state of reading).

My dreads were born new year's eve through the 2nd, so they're now around 9 months old. I figured I'd show you guys my progress.

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and then...

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aaaand that's all folks! I'm off to write a paper while fighting a wisdom tooth coming in, withdrawal, and severe lack of sleep. Wish me luck!

OH! Also, I dreaded someone's hair this weekend! I am not linking to her lj because in her post she has VERY bad pictures of me, so I'm waiting for her to post here after cropping out my ugliness (do you hear that, Miss?). They looked amazing, and I'm pretty sure they're going to get even more beautiful!
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new dreads!

Alright, alright. rainbowaster just posted, and as she did my dreads on saturday, I now feel obligated to post! :D Additionally, this girl is awesome and anyone in the noho/amherst/mt holyoke/pioneer valley should go to HER.

Right, so the dreads were born on Saturday--it took, what, 4? hours? And there are 39 of them.


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I love them a lot.

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hey everyone
caroline here
i'm very impressed with my dreads these days, so i wanted to share...
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i've gotten some serious growth this year! around four inches i'd say, pretty crazy...i'm so, so pleased with how they're maturing and starting to look like they belong together instead of being all scraggly and wayward...
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Was the MICHIGAN meetup ever arranged?

Because if not we are fucking arranging it RIGHT NOW.
The loose hair is taking over my head, and I'm there are some other michiganders out there who would thorougly enjoy a night of making our heads pretty and partying with like-haired people.

I live in East Lansing. I have a car that can drive about an hour away. I don't have a place we could hold a lot of people at, I live in a Dorm, but I'd be willing to drive to Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, or some where else closeby.

I'm open anytime for the next couple months.

Anyone else Down?

la lalaa

yo dread kiddiez !!!! 
heres me and my twigs:


nice meeting u alllll =)

i've just dreaded the top 3 last nite - hence the sticking-outness ... i've gradually worked from the long back bits of my hair towards the top - im still undecided whether to dread my whole head or leave the fr0nt bits .... hmmmmm ... 
/the back bits are sooooo long and thin - my hair is intensely layered on therefore the short stumpy bits on the top and long wiry ones down the bottom. some ppl think the long ones are synths due to the drastic difference in length .... ive had synths ages ago and got rid of it almost straightaway. not for me. 

ive roughly had these for about 2-3 months. maybe less. cant remember. 

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the clothesline of cold eyes

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Well everyone for the MI meetup,

It seems the main places would potentially either grand rapids, ann arbor or fern dale. I'm really sorry I can't offer a place to do it in East Lansing, which would seem right in about the middle for everyone.

And I'm also thinking weekdays would be best for everyone?

I'm all go for the weekends, thursdays, or tuesdays.

let's make this happen