October 5th, 2006

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hello I am takin the day of today and thought i post a few pix!!
my dreads are 8 mo. and will turn 9 on oct. 21 :D
sorry if pix are really big ... I resized them but photobucket is strange to me sometimes.

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the dreads are gone.
but only on hiatus.
until i find a job,
and someone who knows what theyre doing.

it took twenty minutes of conditioner, and three hours of combing.
not to mention tons of hair falling out,
but i now have a full head of non-dreaded hair.
and im sad.

my mom said i had to take them out, but she changed her mind and said i could go to the salon and get them fixed up,
but i know the salon has no idea what theyre doing when it comes to dreads,
so i figured id just take a hiatus.

it would have been our one month dreadaversary this saturday.
so sad.

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...so... *cough*... boston kiddies...
any weekend particularly good/bad for any of you?
(thinking.. end of oct-begining/mid nov?)

just.. you know.. out of curioisty.

...if i can book enough of you to pay for my ticket,
i very well might show up on your doorsteps...

Lovely Li Drawing

For those of you on the right side of the pond.

Just wondering if there's anyone in London or who has been through who knows a good place to get some maintenence? I've hit the three month mark and think they could use a bit of TLC (especially the stragglers at the back on the bottom).

Thanks for anything you know - the best I've found so far is a dodgy looking lady in Camden offering to crochet them (which set alarm bells ringing straight away) for £45 an hour!

Oz =)
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Mine are coming up for 6 months, I just trimmed them today, the straggly bits at the end were driving me NUTS and i did everything I could to get rid of them, rubbing, combing, leaving them etc...nothing worked. My hair was too soft. Anyway, they're shorter and I like them :) pictures will come probably on their 6 month bday (23rd october)

Anyway besides the point...does anyone else find that the MORE often they wash their hair the itchier it gets? I like leaving mine for months because it stops my head itching. I think it might be something to do with the fact i have psoriasis on my scalp...kind of like eczema so it makes it flaky. But i've found not washing helps more than washing. Very strange...

Anyway, bit pointless I know... but hope everyones dreads are as happy as mine :) x

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