October 6th, 2006

Beads, Showers, and Stuff

so i was wondering how many of you (that wear beads) leave them in all the time. 

if you do, have you had any trouble getting your dreads to dry out in the area that is covered by the bead?  (ive heard about dreads getting mildewy if they cant dry out and i definitely dont want that!)

also, have you ever had a bead get stuck and then started to hate it/get bored with it?  if so, what did you do?
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timeline aii

I thought i'd do a little dread-time line as: i haven't done one before, it's pissing down outside, and i have a cold!! ::

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so there is a selection :).. yeah i'm well happy with how they've turned out!!...but recently they are reeeally annoying me, like when i have my hair in a ponytail or whatever the front couple of inches just looks so shit. i've been leaving them to do their own thing recently to see if they wil sort 'emselves out but i think today i may wash them and palmroll them and give em some lovin!
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heya. I've just joined...

I want to dread my hair. I was wondering if you guys have any advice, tips, do's & dont's for me? I'm going to do it myself, (and hopefully talk some friends into helping!)
Any kind of help will be appreciated =) Thankyou!!
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The Return

Hey beautiful dreads heads!

I was a member of this community way back in 2003 when I had my first set of dreads. I only kept them in for four months before shaving my head spontaneously during "Cutz for Cancer". Ever since that time, as my hair grew back in I missed my old dreads. I saved one and kept it in my little stash tin for posterity. The last year or so I'd been aching to put my dreads back in, but waffled since I've graduated Uni and am concerned about ability to find work. Finally, I just sucked up my worries and did it. Dreads are so important to me that I'm willing to run with the job opportunities I'm given just so I can feel more like myself.

This time around, having the experience of my first set of dreads, I've done a much better job and they are coming along twice as fast! Last time I got my then boyfriend to do my dreads for me. I played a lot with rubber bands, trimming, lock tightening gels, and all sorts of conflicting information I got online because I was impatient. I wore everything from pantyhose to wool caps to bed at night. For the longest time I didn't wash them, because I worried about them coming apart. This time around, having experienced all that, I know better.

My 2003 dreads, roughly two months in (still with rubber bands on).

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Much love everyone.
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ayy everybody.
my boyfriend decided he's getting a dreadhawk (!!!!) and i'll be doing the dreading.
i don't have pictures yet, i just wanted to share my excitement.

also, i combed out about five locks in the front to form bangs, which resulted in soft hair (after heavy burt's bees conditioning) that i'm not used to touching and really like. so now i've got both dreaded and undreaded hair, am quite content, and intend to have dreads for a long time.

haha :D
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