October 7th, 2006

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thinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hair?

hello dreadlock enthusiasts!

i checked the memories and didn't quite find the answer to my question...

question: i have very thin hair. would getting a perm before dreads help lock them? or do the chemicals they use for perms mess it up? also, because of my thin hair, how could i add fake [natural] hair to them to make them appear thicker? i know that you should wait to add extensions. but is there a way of adding extensions to the roots to prevent bald spots between dreads and what such? i basically just want my hair to look thick and puffy...longer aswell. y'know?

i know this post is worded oddly, sorry.

thanks folks.
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Do you think dying dreads makes them thinner at all?

I dye mine regularly (have always dyed my hair regularly as I change my mind and my tastes so often) but just had a thought that they might be thicker and nicer if left natural (as tends to happen with non-dreaded hair).

I suppose there's quite probably a difference between temporary dyes, permanent dyes, and bleach...

Any thoughts?