October 9th, 2006

Sores on the edge

Does anyone get little sores on the edge of thier hairline behind their ears?
I have some, I used to get them when I was younger from pulling my hair too tight in a ponytail but I dont do that anymore?

Im not sure what to do about it cause it hurts...
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first bead in my fuzzy hair

my boyfriend found this bead and although it's not my favorite as far as color, it still makes me giddy because it's from him and it's my first bead!
and it's the morning so my hair is frizzy because it needs some tlc today...

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my locks are newish so i know they aren't looking super right now, hopefully someday soon they'll look better because i have 2 weddings in november to go to!

much love,

Dreads in the workplace

Hey guys. I was just thinking the other day (I came home from work and my hair reeked like the club) about dreads and the workplace. Where do you guys work, and does your hair hold you back there? Have you experienced times when it's kept you from getting a promotion/getting a job? I just wondered about this becuase I've had jobs where it doesn't really matter (I was a bartender, now I'm a dancer) but I know there are definitely people out there who have encountered problems with this. Anybody? Just thought it would be an interesting topic for conversation.

1 yr. 4 mo. give or take

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this was halfway on our journey to the top of a HUGE bluff this weekend. the top was beautiful:
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1 yr. 4 mo.
and by the way...thanks for all the kind words on my last post. you guys are all way too nice. except for that guy that just got banned. he was a prick.

have a good day:)
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Dread inspiration :)

After all the negativity this morning :P I don't know about you, but I could use a little jolt of pics of cool dreads. Hope this doesn't seem weird, but here are some pics of someone who's dreads I think look so amazingly awesome. Wanna share some cool dread pics
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Ive been lurking in the comm for awhile. I'm on my second set of wool extensions, but this time I have a dread hawk vs the full head I have in my icon. What are the perceptions of folks who get these extensions versus dreading their own hair? If I thought my hair could look like this wool does I would do it, but instead I just keep re-installing them.


I'm going to be dreading next summer. I'm graduating high school in June and my dad doesn't want me to dread, so I figure I'll wait til after graduation so he can have pictures of me in a cap & gown with "normal" hair that he can be proud of.

Just figured I'd say hi and that I'm not some fat old troll. Everyone's dreads are fantastic. I'm so excited for mine!

p.s. Anyone want to add me? Haha this is a new account for me and I didn't add any friends from my old one.
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