October 11th, 2006

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Im thinking about cutting my hair, but im not sure about it.
it's a hard decision, but now i have the dreads for over 2 years, and i really love them, but sometimes i wish i'd have short hair again.
also, i'll live next year for one year in costa rica. i can imagine, that long hair is really hard to wear when its hot outside.
what do you think about that? 
at least i think it 's only hair. never thought, that it would be so hard.

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no poo-method

anyone used this method?

do you boil water then put the baking soda in?
or just use room temp water?

also, do i use baking soda from the fridge(open baking soda) or a new/close baking soda?

thank you :)


Hey everyone, it's been awhile.

I cut my dreads off less than an hour ago. I miss them, but it was for the best. I'm going to start my new set, er...immediately via not brushing. Hopefully, that will work. Tips?

I looked a bit in the memories about starting dreads from short hair, but it all seemed to be about back combing...not just letting them go.

So, here are some photos:

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I feel like my super powers are gone!!
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the orchard

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Haha, I had a girl run up to me today because she remembered me some how from seeing me on myspace.
She starts exclaiming, "Yea I see you all the time! I remember you by your dreads!"
Other times i'm out with my boyfriend at a restaurant of one of his clients, and the owner will remember me as the girl with the blonde dreads.
Have any you folks become known as the person with the dreads in your area or group of friends?
I find it cute :)
shell lei
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Hello, friends. I'm combing out my dreads today. They're 2 months old and rather tight, but it's too hard finding a job (I just moved to a new city) and they're just generally bothering me. I'll post some before and afters when it's done. Wish me luck. :)