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[12 Oct 2006|12:29am]
On August 17, 2006 I started dreads and I knew two weeks later that they were not going to last. They were not tight and the middles would be un-dreaded and the tips on some would be fine. So I took them out after a month and I was all disappointed and sad until this week. My cousin’s friend, who had dreads before, said she would help me do my next set and I am excited because you all have said to get someone to do your hair that had hair you admire. So I just recently got a job and I start next week. We are going to start doing dreads here and there in a span of a year. We are going to do one behind my ear for now and then in a few months when I am sort of cool with the supervisor we are going to start doing three or four at a time. If for some reason I am fired then we are just going to finish all my hair at once : ) I also want to say that you all rock ...peace.
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A weird request [12 Oct 2006|04:16am]
My son is in the fourth grade. He's had his dreads for over three years now. He still gets teased at school. Called a girl, etc. Funny about that, though, because the girls LOVE his hair. All ages. My problem, because it's not really his problem, is he won't wear it in any style other than down and in his face and I want to see his face, eh? I don't bug him about it the way my dad always bugged me about hair in my face, but still, he's my adorable son. Every so often he'll wear a headband as in this picture, but again, he doesn't want to look like a girl. So, any manly suggestions for what we can do with his hair? We actually cut some dread bangs a year ago, but he wants to grow them out now.

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[12 Oct 2006|03:20pm]
It snowed this morning. Wtf?!

bundled up.
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[12 Oct 2006|05:19pm]
We went for a walk at lunch todayCollapse )
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I started a new MySpace group [12 Oct 2006|05:29pm]
Anyone in the New England area with MySpace interested in meeting other dreadheads, please join my group.
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[12 Oct 2006|09:24pm]

myspace code
Myspace Codes: MyNiceSpace.com

For all your suggestions on my request for help. I knew you all would have great ideas and I appreciate them so much.
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[12 Oct 2006|10:39pm]
heyyy. I've been watching the community for a little while but I think it's finally time that I post... I started my dreads 3 weeks ago. the pictures under the cut are five or six days after backcombing... I haven't washed them yet. :/ but I soaked them in the shower last weekend. since then, the bottoms have loosened even more and they got really curly... I wish I could post pictures but for some unknown reason I can't upload my pictures. should I just let them go and see what happens? or is there something I could do to help them out?
thanks, Allison

babydreadsCollapse )
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[12 Oct 2006|11:37pm]
So, you know how I was going to brush out my dreads? Apparently after 2 months, my dreads were insanely tight. Bottle of conditioner, broke two combs.

So I chopped it.Collapse )
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