October 15th, 2006



My roomies and I had a Halloween party tonight and I thought, "hey! I'll carve a self-portrait pumpkin with dreads!"

Me, my pumpkin and my 52 day old dreads.

More of my pumpkin and one more of my hair!
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Okay, so, I'm doing the whole natural dread thing.

I was wondering if I could get any pictures on peoples results from this.

It's great to find this community because in the city I live in, there are two people who have dreads. TWO. In an entire city! Granted, it's small and conservative. Maybe someone's hiding out...

ok. deLEMA.

allright, i've wanted to get dreads for like a year, and crap keeps coming up where i can't get them. and now theres a big reason why i am weary to get dreads,

i'm a model. and I don't know if my look could be versatile enough for any photographers to want to work with me... and thats not a good way to biuld ones portfolio.

but i want dreads damnit! what to do...
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i feel like sharing my dread story, i don't think i ever did, and maybe you'll be interested too! see, i have been around in this community since 2003 when i got my first dreads.
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dreads and yoga

hey everyone, i have a question for anybody with dreads who does yoga...

now that mine are getting big and long, i'm finding them seriously getting in the way when i'm doing poses like shoulderstand, or really anything on my back. anybody have any secrets for keeping them out of the way?