October 16th, 2006

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Hello :) I was wondering if anyone had any color ideas for me- I can only do natural colors and know I want some bleach blonde- my problem is placement within my dreads. Any ideas?

My dreads are about 3 months more mature now- my camera is broken. I think they can handle the dye job now- especially the underneath where it dreaded up very quickly.
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Tying up (baby) dreads

My dreads are just under 3 weeks old anad I've found I like to tie them up by twisting them together at the back then clipping them onto my head (kind of like this http://www.longhairgirl.com/images/usage/jawclip2.jpg but with dreads and a whole lot shorter :P). They're only about 6 inches long so not all of them even go into the clip but I wanted to know if it will make them dread more slowly... I'm suspecting the answer will be yes because if they're held onto my head then they can't move around?

I get bored of wearing them down or with a buff all the time, does anyone have any other ideas of anything I could do to them to add a bit more variation? (And before you say it, while I would love to go and buy lots of funky hats, my student budget won't allow it :P).

Thanks =)
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Hey, My boyfriend bought a school bus a while ago (so we can go travel!), and a friend has done a documentary on it...I thought I would post this because my boyfriend is a dreadhead (who is shown in the film), plus maybe some of you would be interested in our trip... If this isnt alowed, please let me know!

I was able to avoid the camera for most of the production, but you can see me (who is also dreaded) in the very last clip dancing my heart out next to my boy at Phoenix's First Annual Parade for the Arts.

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I think I'm going to dread my hair. urm over my thanksgiving break. I still have to overanalyze the thought and freak out and decide, but I think I will this time.
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