October 17th, 2006



I'm getting rather desperate here. I'm a knitter, and normally I would just knit this up. . .but I can't find a pattern. Now I would just be happy if I could find one for sale.

I'm looking for a hat like this one. Color doesn't really matter but I would prefer some sort of earth tone.

If ANYONE knows where I can get a hat like that. . .you would make my day. Thanks!

(sorry I had to use your picture xxalleyxx, but I can't seem to find a better picture of that style of hat, plus. . .you're stunning.)
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I don't know if I did this one already, but I stumbled upon it in my journal and thought of you guys.
So, here's a picture of my son at Legalize , a demonstration in Amsterdam ,where a lot of trucks with soundsystems on it drive through the city, while people are dancing around them, all for the legalisation of drugs

hear no

my birthday, 18 month old dreads + some roving

right, i know that i just posted a few days ago, but it's my birthday in just under two hours, and i'm very excited.

i decided to give myself new hair to celebrate the big 22, so i dug out my stores of roving from my fakehair years. found some beautiful colourways.

i now have the equivalent of three times as many dreads as i had 2 hours ago :)

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snuggly warm now.

colours aren't quite accurate. I'll most probably have more tomorrow, in daylight. wheeeeee!
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