October 18th, 2006


an update.

today's post by Kacie is brought to you by the letter E.

For EMO!!!!!!!!!!!

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(implyed nudity behind cut. do nopt click if you are offended by naked backs and shoulders.)
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girls dont poop

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I was just wondering if there is any way around losing length when getting dreads?

My hair is just short..and i'm growing sorta impatient in the growing out prossess before getting dreads lol...

its layered all over, bout 4-5 inches all over cept' underneath, its like two inches.
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Friday 13th

Last Friday I went to a Friday 13th party and was stuck as to what I should go as. I had a look in the community memories and saw someone suggested Medusa. So I had some fun with green pipe cleaners and rubber snakes :)

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