October 19th, 2006

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Last night I had my first nightmare. I woke up afraid to shower. In the dream I washed my dreads out. I can't believe they have become such a part of me- I had to feel my head when I woke up. Without the dreads in the dream I looked great, but that was no matter- all I wanted was my dreadlocks back so I started clockwise rubbing my roots to try and start them again. I didn't think I'd ever really have these kinds of dreams!

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Hi. I had dreads over a year ago..or, I tried to, anyway. I fucked around with them too much and they got really bad-looking so I ended up getting irritated and I cut them off.
Anyway, I've been growing out my hair since then, and my plan has been to re-dread once my hair gets to be around shoulder-length. However, I'm getting really impatient b/c I hate having brushable hair and I really miss having dreads.

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has anyone else felt that dr. bronners loosens their dreads?
whenever i use it i feel like it softens them and especially loosens them up near the roots.


i completely prefer knottyboy's dreadsoap. yum.

Six Weeks!

With my best friend who helped me make them! I love them, and I love this community!
(if it's too big, I'll cut it, I promise. :) )

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