October 21st, 2006


In need of support.

My babies are about six months old. And they're funny looking. Loopy and irregular and sticky-outy. I have been told that this is about where they should be for being six months old, and I know everything is solved by time and patience... but I'd like to hear it from people who actually HAVE dreadlocked hair and went through it. Please take a look and tell me if they're where they should be, and what I can do if they aren't.

Please forgive the insecurity.

Oh, and forgive the kitchen background in the pics, too. My flash has gone all wonky on the camera and the kitchen has the best light.

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Hey I wanted to do different sorts of hairstyles with my dreads, since I either wear it down or up, nothing interesting, but I'm awful with hair, so if anyone has any suggestions or photos or anything it would be much appreciated! Yay!
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Sooo. i'm just gunna do it.
I've heard of two ways of doing them, like teasing. (i dont want to to the neglect method, or the wool rubbing method)
one just teasing with fingers, and it doesnt realy take any length out of my hair(true or not true?)
the way i've always done my friend dreads is with a pets' flea comb,
and some knotty boy dread wax.
does it matter if i use wax or not?
whats wrong with using elastic bands?
would beads work just as well?
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I have to try and take them out tonight, because of my mom.
Because my mom is making my life miserable, because she doesn't like my hair.
I'll still lurk, and get dreads again when i'm eighteen, or something.

It's been three months...

To be honest, it's been three months and a week since I last brushed my hair. I'm a week late this month because my school work is killing me, plus I'm studying for a concert that is going to happen next week. Now, imagine a girl with seriously messy hair playing Chopin at a classical concert... cool, eh?

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