October 25th, 2006

Some better pictures...

Today I had a friend of mine rebleach the dreads that were dyed a shade of pink, due to the rinsing in the shower. I didn't read Lishd's write up thoroughly enough, and I paid the price! Anyway. Here are a few pics that were taken tonight. Hope you can see them well enough.

Beware: I was dared to grow a mustache. I'm parting ways with it later this week.

Also, sorry for so many posts.

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halloween costume

one of ashlingrainbow's friends suggested that she go as an asparagus for halloween. i'm totally stealing that idea.

so.. how do i get my hair to be asparagus-like? i suppose i can get little wooden rods and wrap my dreads around them, but i'm not sure if i want to dye my dreads green for one night, especially since i have to dress business casual the next day... how quickly does temporary dye usually wash out of your hair?

hm. any suggestions?

(otherwise, i'm open to other kitschy halloween costume ideas. i looked through memories, and saw a lot of thumbs ups for medusa and fairies and pirates.. i'm looking for ideas like pineapples and mops and ridiculous things like that. any ideas?)

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So today is the day. I have a few last minute questions based on everything I have ready here.

I am pretty sure I am sectioning into a square brick patern. I am enlisting in the help of a couple good friends, and we are going to backcomb without wax. now the questions:

Is there a general preferance between salt water, or lemon solution for helping to accelerate dreads?
How long do you reccomend I wait before the first wash?
Dr. Bronners- is that the generally reccomended dread shampoo?

I will be sure to post photos later of how it went :)

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My dreads are only about a month and a half old. They got off to a rough start. Two people backcombed them originally for me, Shelly(fauxfraud) and my friend Lauren. Shelly only did about four or five of them, and those ones locked up really nicely for the most part. The ones Lauren did all fell apart. So my friend Ed redid them for me. I trusted him to do them because he's on his first set of dreads, but hes had them for 8 years and theyre 3 feet long and gorgeous. He twisted all my still sectioned hair excruciatingly tight and used melted beeswax in them, because thats how he did his. Well a month later theyre starting to tighten up pretty well for the most part, but some of them still have hard waxy middles and everytime I wash them some of the wax will surface and leave gross white-ish residue. Basically, I want to know if theres anyway to get the wax out with ripping them all apart, washing it out and redoing them.

Also I had Shelly sew a few of them, but the threading was bothersome, so Ive been ripping it out with tweezers and they seem to have locked up quite nicely from being sewn, but I still prefer them to be threadless.

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Charging for services.

So, lately I've been getting requests to do people's dreads. Problem is, I have no idea what to charge. Has anyone here have a standard rate or something to give me an idea? I know it's up to me, but I really don't have a clue as to what is reasonable or where to start. Help. Thanks!

and just so this isn't text only...

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i just sewed all the tips of my naturally-grown dreads... i'm not sure exactly why i did it, but now it feels so weird, almost fake, and i want to cut them out everytime i see myself in the mirror. it took me so much time to do it all, too, and i don't think i'll undo it all, just because i don't step back.

it's a really big change in the energy of my dreads. i'm sure some people here know and feel energies, so i can explain this thing. it's like with when the tips were loose the energy would flow on the outside, and now with the tips locked it circulates within... like i closed the circuit of whatever there. it's a really interesting feeling, i guess that's right in time for the winter coming.

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