October 27th, 2006

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just 2 questions and some new pics :)

first the locks are now about 2 months old. i'm not the most patient person in the world but they've locked very nicely except for about on inch on every root. now my hair grows fast, very fast and i'm afraid that no matter how much i backcomb, and twist the inch won't take hold as a locked root and it will continue to grow normally. basically i'm worried i'll have normal roots and great dreads. any suggestions??
see the pic to see what i mean.

and second my bangs are shorter than the rest of my hair and they were backcombed like the rest of my head but they seem to have klost the back comby. . . ness and started to lock naturally. any suggestions to not so much fix them but help them hurry on???

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pictures only community

just an update....
it seems many people would like to have a picture community for dreadlocks.
can you suggest any names for this community?
can you suggest any rules...eg post 1-2 pictures per post but no l-cutting, with 1 or 2 sentence description? that way we can see all pics at one go.


ive had my dreads for about 2 weeks now, and i know that they are supposed to loosen before they get tight, but mine look really bad and i need some serious help, they are all unraveling and i have a huge amount of loose hairs. some spots i have enough loose hairs to make a new dread, it seems like they are always falling out, and the roots are very loose, no matter what i do, they seem to be getting worse. They were really nice at first but now they look horrible. Is there anything i can do on top of palm rolling and rubbing the roots? I feel like my hair is just going to fall out completely because its not locking at all. Im new to this so im not 100 percent sure what to expect in my individual case, but any info or support that this is what is supposed to happen is appreciated. thanks in advance