October 28th, 2006

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last night i went to fright farm, one of those haunted hayride/haunted mansion/scary walk things, and it was a blast, of course. one of the guys that was supposed to be scaring me told me in his "creepy" voice, "i like your hair." it totally made my night.

in other news, i'm beginning college and i know this might seem shallow, but my dreads have allowed me to meet a lot of people. usually they come up to me and make a comment or ask a question about them, and it starts a conversation. it makes me kinda nervous about whenever i do end up getting rid of my dreads--will people still talk to me? i'll just be forced to start conversations on my own. of course, my closest friends here were not made around the subject of my hair, so i know communication is possible without dreads, but still.

my dreads are now 2 years and 3 months.

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Sing out

LOOOng overdue update

My dreads turned one year erm... two months ago, but life has been in-fucking-sane and I didn't have reliable internet until about a week ago when the heavens opened up, angles started singing Hadel's Messiah and the mailman bestowed upon me a shining beacon of hope in the modest earthly form of a DSL modem.

But anyway, yay one year old plus dreadies!

a year and a month or so. Ignore my fucked up nose; it's a good pic of my dreads.

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Hey guys. Never did post when I first did my dreads, but I do have a few photos now. My hair is crazy-curly, so they're all over the place - i have a couple of really well-locked, round dreads at the front, but the rest is just pretty wild. Kinks ahoy! Still, they'll settle down, and it's fun watching them mature.

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