November 1st, 2006

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Six months

Okay, this is the first time I have ever taken pictures in a mirror, but I was bored late last night and not tired enough to go to bed. It will be six months next week. I haven't liked them much this past month, but I think they turned a corner this past week. The only thing I really don't like is how much they shrank since July and I'm considering getting extensions.


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advice needed

my dreads are about...maybe 6 weeks old now, and pretty much from day one, i've had real problems with an itchy flakey scalp. i've read and heard that this is pretty normal, but it's driving me insane, and it's making me hate the fact that i have dreads, even though the dreads themselves are pretty ok at the moment.
i went and bought some anti dandruff shampoo a while ago, and yeah, that's helped. a bit. so after seeking the advice of some others, i bought some rosemary oil. i used it for the first time last night, and hell yes, its good. i woke up this morning for the first time in who knows how long without snow throughout my hair.
i put some more on about an hour ago (did i put more on too soon?) and my head has started to get itchy again.

i know it's not going to stop overnight - even though in my stupidity i thought it had last night, haha at me - but how long has anyone else had to deal with this for?
how often should i be applying the oil? if at all.
also, i have read the memories on this, and believe me, i'm going to try it all out.
just thought i would post asking for advice in the meantime.
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Silly question

Will dreads that form naturally and start off super duper thin (maybe 15 hairs) grab onto others and fatten up as they lock upward (toward the root)? Or are you pretty much stuck with whatever forms?

I'm thinking yes, but I though I'd ask anyway . . .

knitted hat

I've been very text only recently, but I will post some more photos soon when my camera decides to be nice to me again.

I know there are alot of crafty and talented people in this community so was wondering if anyone could let me know of someone who would be interested in knitting/crocheting a hat for me? Or if you do this yourself would you like to do it for me? Any website addresses of people who can do it too. I need to know how much people usually charge for such nice things. I have a pretty definite idea of what I might like.

Also I'm in the UK so it will have to be someone who doesn't mind shipping it to me (I will pay costs of course) if they're not in the UK.

Cheers my dears

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I hope eveyone had a most excellent halloween yesterday... sadly, mine wasnt so great... one of my best friends got into a car accident and called me crying hyserically.. thank god she was okay and so were the other people involved. She also had so much shit in her car. (bong, salvia, coke and weed). Luckily I was at home and was able to come by and help her but by the time I got there there were already like 10 cops, an abumlance, fire truck, firemen etc. I must say I have never seen someone more in distress in my life though and it just broke my heart to see her so upset. The firemen were really nice to her and so were the people from the hospital. As for all the shit in her car, I ended up grabbing a cardboard box from the trunk of her car with the bong in it, walking it across traffic infront of all the cops inbetween cars, and putting it in my trunk on the other side of the road. They didnt question thank god but it was the sketchiest thing i've ever done... on a lighter note, tomorrow is my birthdayyyyyy :D and my dreadies will hit 5 months on the 4th.

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