November 4th, 2006


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I have relocated to Sydney, Australia for my studies and i was hoping someone here could recommend me a salon that offers maintenance services. Christmas is around the corner and i thought it would be nice to neaten up for the celebration. Thanks guys.
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hello hello

i'm looking for somebody who does dreadlock maintenance in or reasonably close to new york city. either a professional or somebody trustworthy with lots of experience.
i only found a couple of salons online, both of which have prices that make me want to hide under a pillow... but i guess it's gonna cost that much anywhere to get it done professionally.

i've never really thought it was worth it to spend money on my hair, i haven't been to a salon in years... been chopping off my hair myself, i dye it myself, etc. but i have quite messy locks, and although i like it that way, most employers don't seem to have the same idea. and i suck at dealing with loose and crazy-messy hair myself. so yeah, i figured it might be a good idea to get some professional help. any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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