November 5th, 2006


Question and pictures.

My dreads turned 1 a couple weeks ago, and I want to treat them extra nice. I've been reading about baking soda rinses, and I want to try that. I was reading this and it said Also try adding some brown sugar to your baking soda wash and massage it into your scalp to help slough away flakes. I thought thissounded really nice. I don't have any particular problem with dandruff, but it sounds yummy anyway. My question is, is this alright for dreads, or would it just end up being messy and gross. I don't believe babyslime has dreads, so I assume her info is for non-dreadies.

So, that's my question!

I also have pictures from Halloween, and in general. You can't see my dreads in all of them, but they're pretty funny anyway. I had to make a costume for my design class, so this is it!

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Goth Detectives

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Hello, I'm new! ^_^

I decided to join because I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want dreads, so I'm doing my research. Please give me huge amounts of advice before I start! Thank you.

By the way, my name is Lon, I work as a dog looker-afterer for an animal shelter in the UK, I love poi, I go dog sledding without snow and I have an Alaskan Malamute called Laika, 4 rats and a baby pigeon. I'm into obscure indie music and I love comedy. Thats the story of me ^_^
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They turn two on Wednesday!

I, however, will be on my way to Humboldt that day so I'm going to make a post now.

I bought them some beads. Total cost: $0. Sometimes I love working at a flea market.

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fellow nyc-based dreadheads,

since there are so many of us, only a subway ride away from each other in this alienating city, it only makes sense for us to meet up and share our wisdom, right?

please comment if you're interested in coming to some sort of gathering: anybody who needs help with their dreads, anybody willing to share their own experiences and techniques, or just a dreadhead in need of a friend...

it would be awesome if somebody is able to offer up their place for this, but if not i don't see why we can't just meet up in central park or something like that. weather permitting.

anyway, comment with thoughts and ideas of when/where/who/etc

my suggestions of weekends
nov 25/26
dec 9/10


just wondering as dreads grow the roots arent knotting up as tight as when I first backcomed them. they tend to be loose normal straight hair knotted only a little- its a thinner dread too that then turns into a bit fatter dread lower down (the part that was dreaded in the very first place).. can you backcomb the roots.... how can you get them tight and thicker like when you first backcomb to make your dreads.... felting doesnt always work in this situation.