November 6th, 2006

dread freeeeeeee

i took out my dreads for free car insurance paid for by my mother. i also bleached my hair blonde. what do you think? i'll post pics of the 3 day process it took to get them out later.

[EDIT]since all i seem to be getting are negative responses i won't waste your time with pictures and a detailed account of how i took them out. just realize that i don't define myself by hairstyles. thats all dreaqdlocks are; HAIRSTYLES. my tastes change as quickly as i change my underwear and to listen to people who define themselves by the way they wear their hair is just as sad to me as it is to you who judge me for taking them out.

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Some friends of mine (a band called Senit) were playing at the Norwegian final of Global Battle of the Bands last night (they actually won!), and they asked me to take pictures. After the bands were done playing, and the judges had to decide who was going to win, last years winners of GBOB played - the Irish band Kopek. (and now the dreadrelated part:)) Their guitarist had some beautiful dreads, and with all the fantastic irish comming out of his mouth, I fell in love:P

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Hi I just joined here.
I've been planning for a little over a year to get dreadlocks. I'm waiting until the spring to do so (because i want to wait until a little after I have my baby as i'm due in late January).
I have really damaged ends and my hair constantly knots lately as it is and I really can't wait until I can finally have them. I plan on using knottyboy dreadlock products. . .but if there are cheaper shampoos or any other recommendations you could give me concerning wax or whatever, that would be wonderful. I'll be getting my head done by a few friends and my husband probably at sporatic times and I plan on getting thin locks rather than thicker ones.
Here's my hair for now (34 inches long).

please, i could use all the dreadlocking information necessary so i can have beautiful results!

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hey, last time i posted pics i didn't get any of the back, so here's two taken pretty recently. i'll also have some pictures form a party at my friends that i'll upload tomorrow.

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on a side note: Lish, any new updates on a Toronto Trip?
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