November 10th, 2006

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Thought you'd all appriciate this story

Now that I am without a car and rely on busses for the majority of my transportation needs Ive grown very weary of strangers talking to me. 99% of the time they're crazy, or at least border line crazy. That is why I flinched today when a man started talking to me while I was waiting at the bus stop. I didnt even see him until he started talking- he just kind of popped out of no where. Even more bizarre is how he started the conversation:
"Okay" he said "Have you ever been to Jamaica?"
"No" I said, slightly annoyed as I assumed I was about to get the 'hey rasta!' stereotype.
"I had dreadlocks when I was younger and people would judge me." he said.
He seemed slightly out of breath and rushed, as if he was on his way somewhere but saw me and had to tell me these things. He had a thick African accent and that combined with his rushed stream of consciousness sentances left me in the dark until .03 seconds after he'd said something and Id figured out what it was.
"I had dreadlocks down to here," he gestured to mid-forearm "and my father used to ask me when I had been to Jamaica and people would say I was a rasta. In africa they judge you."
"Sometimes people judge me here for my dreadlocks." I said.
"They look very nice on you."
"Thank you. What country are you from in Africa?" I asked.
He answered "Ghana" and then gave a slight wave and ran across the street.
The bus came shortly after and I was beaming a bit, feeling good and connected and humane.
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natural locks

hey, I've post here a couple times a couple of months ago. had locks at the time but i took them out after only two weeks. starting those i knew i wouldn't keep and i knew i would go the natural route. thats what im doing now. ever since i got rid of them, I've seen a ton of people with them and im like "oh, why did i take them out!" i love the way they look i love the way they make me feel. for me they stand for so much. at this point in my life i feel a lot of change coming on. it just feels so right to let my hair do what its been dying to do. i started this process two days ago and i can see already where each dread will be. i know this is going to be an incredable journey and not just with my hair. this post isn't asking for advice or tips or anything like that. i would just love to hear others peoples experiences with going the natural route and what it has done for you. i just feel like a lot of people who are apart of this community are making statements with their hair. whether it be social, personal, spiritual, political, religious, it's beautiful.

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So I know it's been ages since I've posted in here. But I guess I'm about due for a post...I just washed my hair the other day and so I figured now would be the best time to take at least one little picture to share.

I just can't believe how long it's gotten. I don't really notice how long it is until I see a picture of it and then I'm like HOLY SHIT WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!!? Yup that's them going ALL the way to the bottom of the picture.

But anyway...they're about...ohh...I don't know 4 years and 8 monthsish.

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i am having some sort of crisis. my locks were nine months old when i had some fit of boredom combined with frustration and cut them to my shoulders, then cut them out. my hair is amazingly healthy for what it's been through my my new haircut is cute, but i just... feel so blank:( my wonderful ropy fuzzy mass is gone, replaced by, i dunno, fluff. i hate having to fix it and wash it and... ugh.

the only reason i haven't dreaded up again already is that i have little chunks of hair all over my head that broke off at an inch or two inside the dreads, and i want to wait for them to grow out so they won't be RIDICULOUSLY thin as my hair is pretty fine already.

i get on here and look at all you guys being gorgeous and i just feel saaaaad.

my hair, of course, does not make me who i am, but that crazy loopy straggly beautiful chaos just seems to make me more me. now i have some sort of yuppy sandra bullock thing going on, apparently. sigh. i just needed to vent. i'm giving myself another two months tops to grow these silly pieces back out, and then it's on.

no pictures of my new head yet but here i am at three and six months respectively.
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Hey there, dreadheads.
I've been lurking here for quite some time now. I don't have dreadlocks, but I have always wished I did. Someday, hopefully, when my parents don't control my every move, I will. ;]
Anyway, in September I started taking figure drawing classes, and our model the other week had these BEAUTIFUL dreads. She said they were seven years old. So here is what I did that day. Thought some of you might be interested.
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