November 13th, 2006


does anyone have any experience w turquoise hair dye?
right now my hair is a light pinkish color but i reeeeally want to dye my locks turquoise. i bought fish bowl by special effects and supposibly it's one of the best turquoise colors out there. my main concern is that my hair is still too pink to take the color. i havn't dyed my hair in ages but i swear, i can't get the pink out! any suggestions on stripping the color and getting my hair white enough to take the turquoise? help!

here's a photo of my light pink locks
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Oh no! My dready is breaking!

So I found a way to fix dreadies that are about to break (when you don't want them to). It's a simple method, including a needle and some thread. I will explain the way I did it in this post, using pictures :)

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I'm not sure what the long-term results are yet. I tried this before on 2 other dreadies over a year ago. One of them is still tight, the other one is starting to loosen. Probably because I didn't sow it tight enough.

I hope this is helpful :)

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I've decided that i'm finally going to get dreadlocks!!  the situation is that i work in a body shop where i paint cars, and come in contact with alot of dust from certain plastics and metals that we use, and extreme heat in the summer.  i usually wear a bandana around my head, but i was wondering if anyone knew if any of these factors were harmful to dreads? Could i just make some sort of wrap as they get longer?  i know it's an odd question but thank you for your attention!

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So, I was kinda a watcher of this community a long time ago, with a different journal. Buuuut I miss you guys.

I love dreadlocks, there is nothing more beatutiful than a person, and person with locks. I had my own set about two summers ago, but a combination of things made me cut them. The boyfriend didnt really like sharing the bed with them; I switched schools to an "inner city" school, and got beat up cos "white girls cant have dreadlocks"; I was trying to get a job; and I didnt take very good care of them. So, they died. And I'm not sure if they're in my near future (I'm 100% sure they are for me somewhere down the line). Until then, I'm just here for the eye candy. Hope you guys don't mind :)
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On an updated kinda note:

How much are human hair extentions? Do they charge by inch or whats the deal? My hair comes down to just below my ears (because of the dread cutting), but if there was a way I could get longish hair fast, I'd love to do it.
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oh god.
i destroyed the roots of one of my dreads a couple years ago when i looped the roots.
and lately i've been doing allllllot of clockwise rubbing.
and i just went to itch my head, and now i have a giant callous on my head under that dread.
i think thats where i draw the line at too much clockwise rubbing.