November 15th, 2006

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i have no more dreads :(

i got hit by a car and broke my collarbone and got a brain fracture. when i was hopped up on drugs my mom said "hey there's street and blood and all in your hair can i cut it" and i said "you're the best do whatever!" and she cut them. i am seriously bummed cause i started to get attatched to them and get past the fact that in a lot of ways having dreads was about how it looked. not that it's bad if thats why you have them, but i guess i wanted to have some sort of significance with them. i feel like i just started to get there, and now i don't have them anymore. but there are some good things that come out of this. i did have maybe 3 rubber bands locked in my hair and i also wanted to try natural locks. i think it will be good for me abaonding working on them so much although i learned to do it less as they got older. but i'm kind of not sure about that. i looked in the memories but maybe not hard enough cause i didn't find tons of info on the stuff i was wondering about. do you need to keep them seperate at the roots or what? it seems like you would but that also seems somewhat unnatural to me. i figure you could go either way though whatever. i want my hair back!
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uh oh

is anyone else experiencing a growth of thinning hair due to their dreads?
how can you prevent this?

i've had my dreads for about two years now and my scalp is slowly and subtly losing hair, predominantly the area above my forehead. it's also getting harder to dread my roots. i can't think of a reason as to why this is happening, but i'm recently noticing it more. if this condition persists, i'm contemplating on cutting off my dreads or experimenting on a new dreadcut of some sort.

aside from that,
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I know its been awhile since I posted on here, I just like to read, make the occasional charming comment. but now I finally have a question.

First of all, I have tried looking in the memories comments, but I don't see anything that can help me ( which I thought would be obvious), but then I even tried searching the web, but to no avail...

I just simply want to make dreadwax, I have all the neccessary ingrediants (hard beeswax, aloe, Vit. E, etc) but everytime I try and make the concoction, it ends up being really bad and the mixture is obviously not done proerly, no matter how well I mix or how well I try, I just need a certain percentage to simply make , oh say a cup of this stuff...

someone will probably make me look like an idiot and find a site that is right under my nose, I'll gladdly welcome it....

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Hey guys! I've been watching this community for a while and joined several months ago, but never posted. I got my dreads in August 2005, they seem to grow faster every month!
I just have one (huge) problem, my dreads break off! I've already lost about ten of them, if not more..I bet someone has asked for a solution of this problem before, but I couldn't find a post about it (except the one by reshmi , but since mine break off at the roots there's not two dreaded ends to sew together..). Whether I clock-wise rubb, knot, use wax, tightening gel or whatever, nothing seems to work! I reallyreally hope someone can help me..its driving me crazy :\

I don't have very recent pictures because my camera broke, the latest is a couple of month old...

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New Dreads Question

Posting this for a friend who has dreads but not an LJ:

"Hey, my dreads are about three weeks old now. They're my second set. I had my first set for six months and they looked ok in the beginning but then, over the six months I had them, they got progressively worse. I used wax last time (something i'm not doing again), and my dreads were pretty thin last time.

I've been lurking on this site for a couple months now and I always read the posts about dread maintenance but I've read so many and I've read the memories so many times that everything is all jumbled in my brain from people saying "use this," "do that," "don't use this," etc... Can anyone tell me any specific things I can be doing to ensure that this set of dreads actually locks up? I'm completely paranoid about these dreads because of what happened last time. :-O

Much much appreciated."

Edit: She wanted me to add that she has heard she needs to backcomb a lot. Is this true? And that she has been told to "play with her dreads." What does this mean?

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