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a work in progress... [16 Nov 2006|03:19pm]

the 7 dreads i cut off from the sides of my head.
my hair was just too thin there to make dreads.
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[16 Nov 2006|06:38pm]
someones post inspired me to post some pics cause i know you all love em. this holloween i dressed up(maybe it wasnt really dressing up) as a stinking hippie, as i do every year. a lot of people thought my hair was a wig, i cant decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing. hopefully it shows up

not one, not two, but THREE CHINS. so flattering.

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undreading is a very tedious process [16 Nov 2006|07:14pm]

i'm really awkward

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[16 Nov 2006|09:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey all, I've been lurking around here for a couple years and have so far had 3 sets of dreads, this is the 3rd set and the first natural one. I've quite enjoyed the journey of letting my hair go and am loving the fact that I'm starting to actually get dreadlocks. Its a very cool thing to watch your hair evolve. Its been 3 months and 3 days since I brushed or conditioned my hair.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

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Henna? And Baking Soda Rocks! [16 Nov 2006|10:40pm]
I swear to goodness I read through the memories, and I know we've discussed Henna before, but I can't find anything!

I have four questions about it.

1: I know it's said that one shouldn't combine Henna and other hair dyes. I have a couple inches of dread that were dyed more than a year and a half ago. Can I put henna over it?

2: On that note. I'd like to lighten some of my dreads as well, and I'm of the impression that henna doesn't have the ability to lighten hair. True?

3: My new hair wash of choice is baking soda and ACV. Will this interfere with the Henna?

4: Can someone recommend a good brand? I'm looking for some redness, but mostly brown.

Lish: Thank goodness your post is in the memories (even if it didn't apply much) because the link doesn't seem to work! Everything okay?

And! A picture or two! See the light ends? Those are the dyed bits.

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[16 Nov 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Bordem/tiredness mix! Plus, yay for new ribbons!

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