November 17th, 2006


second set

So I spent three days combing/cutting out my two month old dreads. The girl who originally backcombed them for me did them way too loose and they fell apart. My friend Ed who has 8 year old, three foot long, gorgy dreads offered to fix them the same way he did his; twisting and beeswax. I let him go for it becuase his dreads are more then impressive. Needless to say two months later they were still waxy and gross. So we combed out what we could and cut the bottom layer that was too tight to comb out, which I then let a friend shave for me, so Im rocking the undercut.

Regardless, Shelly and I finished taking the out Wednesday and starting putting the new set in a few hours later. We just finished about 15 minutes ago =)

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Once the undercut grows about four inches or so Ill dread that too and laugh at the ridiculous length difference. Oh amusement.

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First off, hello everyone, I'm new to the community. I have been considering dreading my hair for several months now, and I want to get a few peoples opinions before committing myself to it. Below are some pictures of me with normal hair and me after about an hour of dreading by myself. My hair is obviously too short to get a full impression of what it would be like, but any honest opinions of whether I should do it or not are much appreciated.

In addition, Do any of you have tips for convincing your parents to let you dread your hair?